Monday, September 29, 2014

"Die with a T" to Diets. "Get" Simply Fit with Simplified Genetics.

By Laura Medina

The sporty former competitive swimmer and equestrian and former model, Elle Magazine columnist, and Bravo reality star, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, doesn't believe in diets.  She called diets, "Die with a T."

As a life-long competitive athlete and sportswoman, Kelly knows better that one diet, one exercise doesn't fit all.  She have seen how one regiment will affect another person's physique differently from her. 

As a child of a body-builder/chef, this scribe, too, has personally experienced and witnessed how one restrictive diet and fitness regiment doesn't run constantly across the spectrum for everyone.  In other words, what makes you svelte and sexy will make the next person squat and bulky.

Now, there's scientific data to back our opinions.

Simplified Genetics explains why, no matter how hard you exercise, no matter how you "diet," why you're not losing weight and why you're plateauing.  From there, the test results will provide you with a road map that is customized to you personally to a better and easier plan to firm up.

No more "beating yourself up side the head" frustration about why you are not losing weight or firming up.

With Simplified Genetics' take-home swab kit, you can take the included Q-Tip, swab the insides of both sides of your cheeks twenty-times (just rinse, brush your teeth after swabbing), tossed the swabbed Q-Tip back in your kit then mail it to Louisiana Emerging Technology Center at Louisiana State University to analyze then breakdown your DNA sample into sequences, focusing on four DNA key markers pertaining to athletic and metabolic performance.

By pinpointing and mapping out the key sequences of athletic and metabolic performance in your DNA, the results will tell you if you're better off being a slow/fast-twitch muscle performer and which foods will burn and process more easily inside your body.

In words, instead of wasting your precious time and money-and energy driving yourself nuts on starvation diets and endless work-outs that get you nowhere, you might better off by having your fiber-rich nut bread and calicum-rich latte before a brisk walk because your own personalized DNA sequence will respond better for faster results with sudden improvements that is individualized to you...and you only.  

Proving that "one diet and one regiment doesn't fit all," Simplified Genetics is making strides in football players' safety.  With the rise in the lasting brain damage due to concussions in football, Simplified Genetics has isolated a gene that determines if you really have what it takes to be in football, the ApoE e4 Gene.  Located on on chromosome 19, there are three variations of the gene, determined by resulting amino acids in positions 112 and 158. 

These three variations of the ApoE e4 Gene can determine how risky it is for you participating in high-impact sports, no might how big or how small, or how tall or how short, you are.  

The three ApoE genes will determine how much risk you are for a concussion.  They are: ApoE ε2 = low risk, ApoE ε3 = neutral, and ApoE ε4 = high risk.

So, Simplified Genetics goes beyond superficial weight-loss, it foretells the potential  of  future brain damage and lessens the chance of injury.

This goes out for all the week-end warriors out there...and their worried significant others.

Simplified Genetics isn't a quickie fad diet but a personalized fitness road map and plan based on your unique DNA.

Whether you're a fast-twitch muscle week-end warrior carnivore or a slow-twitch muscle macro-vegan yogi, you might be surprised when you get your Simplified Genetics results but it is still up to you to follow them or not.  You can go all out but you're still welcomed, and it might be easier, to modify your existing habits and lifestyle to the results if you want to maintain the improvements.  Just a suggestion.

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