Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"PRIV" app "Blow Me" app "Burn This" app so you can "Steal The Look" app to be a "Makeup Genius" App.

By Laura Medina

PRIV App, https://www.gopriv.com/

There apps for every specific, abet, narrow-minded interest, need, and want.

But, there is now, of course, an app that encompasses fitness and beauty, all in one, PRIV app, https://www.gopriv.com/.  You can schedule an haircut or a blow-out and add your favorite hair stylist to the roster.  The same thing for manicures and pedicures, and massages which you'll need after you pick and add your personal fitness trainer under their Fitness category.  

To celebrate the Los Angeles edition of PRIV app, a fitness troupe did Water Zumba in a pool, one of the fitness classes and services you can order and book.

PRIV may appear to trump Burn This app, https://www.burnthis.com/  and Blow Me app, http://www.blowmyhairnow.com/ and Soothe Massage app, https://www.soothe.com/.

Burn This fitness app, https://www.burnthis.com/

Burn This fitness app delves deeper into the fitness by offering an array of fitness classes, various studios, and free fitness events that you can rsvp in advance!  Their Workout Wednesdays at Century City Westfield Mall has proven to be so popular, that it stretched from Summer-only events into an in-demand free Fall fitness work-out series.

Wet n' Wild's Steal The Look, http://stealanylook.com/

Makeup and "Fashion-y" girls are the most high-tech people on earth, even beating the boys at their own game-literally.

Why?  They incorporate technology into their everyday life, taking the highfalutin complex computer programs-apps-then bringing them down to earth for everyday interests of clothes, makeup, fitness, and even food.

Wet n' Wild Cosmetics celebrates this fabulous femininity debuting their very own makeup shopping app during their very first prime time television commercial.


This was an historical first for this drugstore mainstay.

This was the first time Wet n' Wild ever did a tv commercial; and they managed to lure the legendary high-fashion photographer, David La Chappelle, to direct it.

They saved the best for the last.  Wet n' Wild's "Steal The Look" tv commercial was the last commercial aired during NBC's "The Voice."

The ad wasn't just about the retro-vintage '80's New Wave Fall makeup collection, it was for their "Steal The Look" app where, no matter what makeup brand makeover you receive, based on your selfie, Wet n' Wild's app will analyze what type eyeshadow and lip color you're wearing or what someone else is wearing then it will breakdown the makeup colors into something identical or comparable within Wet n'  Wild's makeup lines and collections.

Once the "Steal The Look" app breakdowns the makeup items, you can save the shopping list for later, shop them online, or share among friends to make them envious.

This app will skyrocket among Junior High's and High School's "Queen Bees."


If you want to try before you buy and avoid buyer's remorse without leaving home, do what this scribe did...download L'Oreal's Makeup Genius.  You can do it on your smartphone, as always or download it on your tablet like this scribe did.

If you feel like an homebody who sooner chill as a couch potato this afternoon or want to avoid smearing makeup on your hands and avoid an irate makeup consultant because you're wasting her and his precious time in selling, shot a selfie which L'Oreal calls a "reflection" then virtual try their makeup on your "reflection selfie."

It's like an high-tech version of a paper doll, if you all still remember those toys.

Being fit and fab makes highfalutin technology down home for everyone.

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