Monday, May 19, 2014

Ovarian Cancer Research Fundraiser's Saturday Super LA Graciously Hosted by Rachel Zoe & Molly Sims

By Laura Medina

Molly Sims, host, shopping.

Rachel Zoe arriving for hosting duties & shopping.

What used to be a singularly Hampton tradition has expanded to the Left Coast, Ovarian Cancer Research Fundraiser hosted by Rachel Zoe and Molly Sims.

Rachel's husband, Roger Berman, said they wanted to switch over Santa Monica because it's stifling hot during the dog days of August in the Hamptons.  Plus, they know their fellow Los Angelenos already have the love to support Ovarian Cancer research.  They just need the chance to do so.

The recent past Saturday at Santa Monica's Barker Hanger was such moment.

50% Fair, 50% charity sale,  Saturday Super Sale LA was also a family for little kids and the furry ones.  There were tons of activities for kids, from crafting with Joey Zee to a mini Puma put-put golf course.

Of course, the food vendors were generous, especially under the heat.  There were too many to include in the Tastemade foodie video but Chef Duff Goldman's Cake Mix set up a cake crafting table/booth where kids can customize their own cakes and get messy.  PopChips, the fashionista chips, and Kefir Yogurt dole snacks and frozen yogurts.

The caterers, Lexington Social House, got the party started by sending out waiters doling out mini quiche for breakfast then mini shrimp chipotle sliders to whet folks' appetites.

People were grateful for the frozen treats options.  Beverly Hills' Ice Cream Lab set up a table where they churned out fresh salted caramel pretzel ice cream, whipping it by pouring liquid nitrogen into the mixer.

What got folks lined up patiently under the noon day sun...Lexington Social House's deluxe lunch buffet.

Shoppers had their pick of the steak with quinoa and salad or salmon or chicken breast with risotto and salad or go the kiddie way and pile up on the burger sliders, french fries, and mac n' cheese.

Knowing this fashionable foodie is better off going with the protein Zone-sque pickings and quality, she had one burger slider but enjoyed the french fries fresh out of the fryer when they're at their best.

Once the main lunches were literally eaten up,  Lexington Social House folks still provided afternoon snacks of fried chicken fingers, globs of blue cheese, brie, and gooey honeycombs...and more fries out of the fryer.

L'Oreal Makeover & Dream Dry Blow-Out.

The real people-in-the know already knew it is the early birds that get the best pickings.

 Cameron Silver in the L'Oreal makeup chair.

Celebrity Vintage Fashion Stylist and Curator, Cameron Silver jumped in the L'Oreal makeup chair alongside this Fashionable Foodie scribe, getting fresh first-thing-in-the morning before making our official appearance.  He for his one-day only ambassador for JC Penney teaching people how to do "selfies."  I for my Tastemade commentary of fun, fashion, and food.  Nothing ironic about this.

As a girly fashionable foodie, this scribe with another fashionista writer, The Recessionista (Mary Hall) both enjoyed our L'Oreal manicure and makeover then updo at Rachel Zoe's Dream Dry Salon booth.

Since people has no say in the heat wave beating down on us on a mostly awesome afternoon, they sought refuge underneath JC Penney Home Lounge where they have a bar using blackberry lemonade, classic lemonade, and ice tea as cocktail bases and a smoothie and brownie bar whipping fruity concoctions and mini gooey bites of caramel and cream cheese brownies.

If you want to watch this whole excursion, go to to see it in action.

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