Monday, May 19, 2014

Burke Williams' Wellness Pedicure for Weary Toes

By Laura Medina

For anyone who maintains an "hot" naturally through dance or cardio or cardio-fusion or a professional dancer or athlete or a "weekend warrior" knows anything below the ankle isn't so hot.

In fact, ask any dancer and professional athlete and they'll tell you their toes are a mess and their ligaments in the soles of their feet are a mess.  Don't get them started about calluses, especially for the lady athletes where calluses are nice for the court, not for the dance floor or a date.

Burke Williams did thought about those folks whose toes need tender loving care so they can go for the extra mile...and still look presentable.

The Wellness Pedicure tackles the wellness of the entire feet.  It comes with three enhancements, the Callus Enhancement, Heel Honey Enhancement, and BS Brace Enhancement.

This Cardio-Barre-Fusion-gnarled toes scribe went for the straight-up Wellness Pedicure for neat and clean toes with a slick of flesh-tones manicure.

The Wellness Pedicure isn't all about the slickness of manicures.  Burke Williams actually tackle the all-over well-being for feet that take a beating.

First, the manicurist/pedicurist politely asks if you want a callus removal or callus softening.  Since this scribe is still intent in burning gourmet hors d'oeuvres from the day and week before, callus softening was opted for soften foot protection.

The pedicurist applied Potassium hydroxide-soaked cotton swabs to the calluses to soften them while she massages a yummy pineapple-tropical smelling, moisturizing sugar scrub to the toes, the soles, the ankle, and the calves, massaging while exfoliating.

In between, the feet are soaking in a bubbling "foot jacuzzi" while the client lays back in a massage chair to iron out the kinks in the back, the lumber region (lower back), and those knotty, stiff hamstrings.  This scribe feels the hamstring massage mode was appropriate for a pedicure.

The pedicurist advised it is best to dry the feet thoroughly before doing any physical treatment.  Once the clipping is done, the pedicurist breaks out a medical-grade electronic mechanical pedicure file gun with interchangeable file bits.  So far, this scribe is aware that only Burke Williams does this...

With an interchangeable pedicure-file bit, she used a large callus cone to further soften the calluses, especially on the toe beds and heels.

With the same mechanical file gun, she changes to a long sapphire tool gently and neatly trim the cuticles.

Then, she switched to a small foot cone file bit to effectively, speedily, but gently shape the toenails any way you prefer.  Regardless, your toes and feet will come out of Burke Williams' Wellness Pedicure clean, healthy, and neat.

For the gentlemen, this would be the end.  

For the ladies, they can take their selection of nail polish from Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Care then have the pedicurist slick it on.

This works both ways, the toes will be healthy enough to kick-butt yet be attractive enough to slip on sandals and sling-backs.

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