Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sexy on the Sly, Be Smart and Wear Eye Glasses

By Laura Medina

Nothing bores this cultured and academic scribe more than brazen, "hit-you-in-the head" sexuality....boring...snore.

Nothing heats up this cultivated scribe, hot and bothered, than a cute boy or girl or man or woman with a knowing tilt of the head while wearing eyeglasses.  There is nothing more sexy than having the smarts to be subtle and sly.  This scribe knows it takes smarts to pick the right target than it is wasting one's precious time and energy and money hitting all the targets.

Eyeglasses act as a shield and helps the wearer in selecting the right target.

Why not style your hair to frame your eyeglasses?  There is nothing more subtly sexy than a slight brush of bangs swept across your eyeglasses.

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In honor of Social Media Week Los Angeles raging full throttle and the smoldering sexuality of Showtime's "Masters of Sex" premiering this Sunday and a weary backlash against flagrant sluttishness, true hipsters, like Alena Lehrer, are celebrating the cerebral and joining the sexy but smart bandwagon by designing, "GEEK Eyewear"

With venture capitalists and social media changing then ruling the world and the fact we all can't live without your smartphones, there is nothing hotter than being a "geek," an extraordinary "outlier" who thinks out of the box then invents stuff we can't live without. 
Geek is chic.

A self-proclaimed Geek and founder of Geek Eyewear, Alena had a vision to create a global community for people willing to share their Geek ideas, skills and passions with others.  With her love of fashion, entrepreneurial spirit and background in optometry, Geek Eyewear® was the perfect platform to employ all of her expertise into a new business venture.   “Seeing Geek Eyewear® evolve and grow over the past seven years has been the most incredible experience,” Lehrer exclaims, “ I remember growing up and feeling self-conscious when I had to wear glasses as a kid.  I am so proud to be part of a brand that embraces individuality and creative expression.”  

Alena’s passion is not only for eyewear, but for giving back to the community and others who are less-fortunate.  Geek Eyewear® supports charitable causes through their “I’m In, Give a Pair” campaign.  For every pair of glasses that Geek Eyewear® sells, they match the sale by providing a pair to persons in need.  Geek Eyewear® also supports charities like Unite for Sight, Venice Family Clinic, The Adventure Project, whose mission is to end extreme poverty through effective social ventures among others. 

Remember, it is the quality that counts, not the appearance...

Sold online at and in over 1,000 boutiques across the US, Geek Eyewear® offers a wide variety of frames in over 40 different styles.  Online, consumers have the option of ordering prescription glasses, sunglasses or tinted glasses or “fashion frames” without a prescription.  The fashion frames, are clear lenses, ideal for the stylish consumer who wants to look smart and fashionable.  Unique to Geek Eyewear is the quality of their frames, which are all 100% ophthalmic quality – the same quality used by eye doctors!   Consumers also have the option to purchase Geek Eyewear’s quality frames online and take them to an optical lab or favorite eye care shop to have their prescriptive lenses installed.

This commitment to quality has been a core value of the brand since Geek Eyewear® debuted in 2005.  While the quality is on par with or superior to luxury brands, Geek Eyewear’s glasses are affordable with most frames retailing for under $100.  Plastic frames are handmade from acetate, which most luxury brands use.  Metal frames are made from upgraded materials such as stainless steel.  Geek Eyewear also offers options like polycarbonate lenses that are lighter and stronger and sunglasses that are available in a wide variety of colors. 

In addition to amazing eyewear at affordable prices, perks for online purchasers are free Fed Ex Ground shipping in the continental US and a complimentary gift package with every purchase.  The gift package includes a super cool Geek Eyewear® case, a custom micro-fiber cleaning cloth, a spray bottle of specially formulated lens cleaner and upgraded CR-39 lenses for ready-to-wear fashion lenses.   Fashion glasses and sunglasses are shipped in just 1 business day and prescription frames are filled and shipped in 2-5 business days.  

Now, quit being passe, put on a pair of glasses, read then watch Showtimes' "Masters of Sex" to learn how to be really sexy.

It is far better to "fire and ice" than a blatant bore.

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