Thursday, September 12, 2013

Next Stop...TopShop London Spring Summer 2014 Show during London Fashion Week. Let the Clothes Do the Talking & Be "Chirp-y"

By Laura Medina

Last February Topshop created the most viewed and interactive online fashion show ever. This season Topshop has partnered with the new innovative digital platform CHIRP to offer customers a unique insight into the show. The venue for this seasons show is one of London’s most iconic landmarks - Regent's Park, in a space designed by renowned architect Pernilla Ohrstedt.  

Now, London Fashion Week is leading the charge in advanced, multi-platform fashion, style, and e-commerce media that make the lucky Chirp follower catching TopShop's upcoming fashion show this Sunday, a true trendsetter.

Topshop is world-renowned for it's support of emerging talent in design, music and creative arts, so partnering with pioneering sound technology Chirp, is a natural extension for the brand. Chirp, a next generation media tool, is designed for quick and easy sharing of information between people in the same place via a 'chirp' sound. 

Chirp lets people share pictures and links using sound. 
To share stuff, you don't need to be friends on Facebook, or to follow each other on Twitter, or enter anyone's email address. Just push the big yellow button, and anyone around you can 'hear' the data.
Designed in London, modeled on birdsong, and now a Top 20 App in 60 countries worldwide, people are now sharing pictures and links as 'chirps'. 
That means anything that makes a sound (from smartphones to laptops to doorbells) can now send data.
Download Chirp for iOS from

Chirp for Android will be released very, very soon.

‘LET THE CLOTHES DO THE TALKING’ - Topshop have worked with Chirp to develop a unique new aspect to the application, whereby users will be sent an image, which you can tap to reveal secrets around the show. Images of the pattern room where the clothes were made, the collection backstage, the hair and make-up test and the models walking down the catwalk will all reveal something about the show. 

Explaining how Chirp ties up the complete fashion experience all in one bow, watching this trailer,

To glimpse a sneak peek of what to see, watch this video,

Topshop's world famous Oxford Circus store will feature a Chirp and Twitter garden that shoppers can walk through to receive content, and attendees to the fashion show will be sent images from several Chirp locations around the site. The Topshop homepage will feature a Chirp Gallery so that you can receive the same content at home.


Topshop will host a live Twitter Gallery on the homepage from the morning of the show so that viewers can see all the final preparations that go into a fashion show attended by the world's media and celebrities. Topshop has also asked it's key fashion-insider friends to tweet from the front-row and backstage giving viewers at home the most up-to the minute action.  

Customers can also join the conversation with the Fashion Tweet Off on the homepage. They just need to review the #Topshop show in 140 characters to win tickets to next season’s show

Following the success of the ‘customise the catwalk’ app and the ‘shoot the show’ camera button, users will be able continue changing the colour of selected key looks and accessories and share them the moment they hit the runway with their friends or order them instantly with delivery 3 months ahead of industry lead times. 


Topshop will be posting live content from backstage using Vine.

Music will be available to share and download on from itunes both during and after the show.

The Topshop Make-Up look will be available to buy straight away after the show. Furthermore, 50 limited edition make-up bags have been created using a key print from the catwalk collection.

If you're one of the lucky winners, you'll be at TopShop's next runway show, live to film or/and shoot then shop then color coordinate your snapshot with TopShop's makeup and accessories then to prove that you're even more lucky, that outfit that you snapshot will be delivered to you 3 months ahead of industry lead times.  TopShop will actually make you a trendsetter!

 "We are so excited to be working with Topshop at London Fashion Week. It's great to be asked to collaborate with a brand like Topshop, and to let our users share new fashion looks over sound will be a world's first. Let the chirping begin!"
Patrick Bergel, CEO & Founder,

"Each season, we set ourselves the challenge to innovate and excite in a different way with the UNIQUE show; not only in terms of our Collection and show space, but also how to engage with and involve TOPSHOP fans worldwide. The link with Chirp is fun and we love the fact that it allows people to discover new aspects of the Collection and what goes on behind the scenes at UNIQUE through creating iconic images to story tell.  With my personal belief that product is king I am a great fan of the tag-line "Let the clothes do the talking" .
Sir Philip Green

"Each London Fashion Week is lifting the stakes of innovation, this time Topshop have raised the bar. Alongside their in-Tweet livestream they have added more interactivity via their 'Tweet the Show' feature.  We've been thrilled to partner with them to bring their ideas to life throughout LFW."
Bruce Daisley, Twitter UK Managing Director

Basically, this Sunday's upcoming TopShop Spring/Summer 2013 Runway Show will be a live demonstration of actually shopping while viewing the runway show live in person.  Using Chirp app technology, all you have to do is zoom, film, shoot, tweet then shop, pick size and color then accessories from TopShop's site that just went live with the collection marching down the runway as you're watching it.  Once you made your decision which items you like, you order it or them then wait for its or their 3 months delivery time to land on your doorsteps.  Fashion is still a manufacturing business.  Just give them exactly 3 months to replenish the fabric, repeat the patterns, cut, sew, then pack exactly everything you order then ship it to you.

TopShop's Chirp collaboration is every fashionista journalista's or journalisto's true.  Imagine the years of generations of fashionista journalista's daydream of how what they just witnessed on the runway will instantly appear on their doorsteps with personalized but quick service, instead of waiting, waiting for it to appear on clothing racks in the stores then having someone else beat them to it.

A fashionista's dream come true, thanks Chirp. 

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