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Emmy Week Sneak Peeks at the Gifting, Style, & Beauty Suites with the Man of the Week-R.J. Mitte of "Breaking Bad."

By Laura Medina

"Breaking Bad" star, R.J. Mitte at Bellafortuna Luxury Gifting Suite, left then GBK Gifting Suite, right.

What grew from the simple and kind practice of getting nominees and hosts camera-ready and prepped in one week flat has grown in one of television's biggest social week of the year (other than the Golden Globes in January), where today's television stars can get primped and styled with the best and most efficient products for television's idea of its "Oscars," The Emmy Awards this Sunday night.

There is nothing hotter than a television going down in a blaze of glory, such as the "Breaking Bad" finale in one week, just in time to prove its worth for the Emmy Awards.

The Man of the Week, Emmy Week, is R.J. Mitte, who plays the physical disabled but mentally-sharp son of the nerd-gone-bad ass Walter White.  R.J. was running the gifting suite and beauty lounge circuit, hopping from one fabulous suite to another.  He as at the Bellafortuna's Luxury Gifting Suite at the Montage of Beverly Hills, the first official day of Emmy Week, selecting health and wellness items such as "Bed of Nails" neck and back mat, "Strive for Fitness" Personal Training package.  Five days later, he was at GBK Luxury Gifting Lounge, searching for healthy snacks and fitness meal packages from "No Think Diet" Meal Plans.

Joining R.J. Mitte at the first Emmy Gifting Suite by Bellafortuna at the Montage Hotel were: "Access Hollywood's" Shaun Robinson, Christina Milan with Kim Vo, and effervescent host of LX.TV, Ali Fedotowsky.

Numerous beauty treatments, cosmetics, and haircare companies were there to help get Emmy folks ready.  Clutch and purse companies were there to provide accessories for the red carpet.

Just because it's "Emmy" ready and quality, it doesn't mean it is out-of-reach.  Vera Moore Cosmetics and Skincare were on hand at Bellafortuna Emmy Gifting Suite handing out nifty but necessary mini-makeup kits for last-minute touch-ups on the red carpet.  If you go to Walgreens' flagship mega-drugstore, Vera Moore Cosmetics is located in the LOOK Boutique, along side Boots No. 7 inside Walgreens' version of its own Sephora...for the masses at "for-the-people" prices and access.  Red Carpet beauty for everyday and the everyone.

Not all and every gifting and beauty suites are alike.  DPA has an distinctive "European/French" attitude since it is founded and operated by a French woman, translating into bringing what is the best and hottest from France and Europe to television stars, such as the cast of "Mad Men."

Gifting suites are also style suites where the best and hottest fashion and jewelry come to stars, such as stretch, lightweight lamb leather dresses, tunics, and shirts from Parisian leather couture designer, Pascal Piveteau; and deceptively naughty flesh-tone lined cocktails with black lace overlay by Canadian Joseph Ribkoff,

Gifting and Beauty Suites and Lounges not only reward and honor actors' dedication and hard work, they make great Mothers' Day rewards for their lifelong support of their children's endeavor.  Here is Rich Sommer ("Mad Men's" Harry Crane) with his mom enjoy DPA's rooftop terrace suite on a bright, warm, sunny Beverly Hills day.

Style Suites are great places to discover the latest in jewelry, fashion, and beauty trends.  At PR Lab's Emmy Jewelry Style Suite where Emmy nominees and guests borrow jewelry for the ceremony and parties, MovieStyle host, Michael O' Connor assisted them as he tells intrepid fashion and style reporters what's raging on the red carpet.

With cross-culturization on the runways, the freshest trend in jewelry is cultural-crossroad Turkish, Middle-Eastern, and Indian jewelry, specifically "Mongol Jewelry" from India.  In India, the back of the jewelry touching the skin is just as important as the exterior.   The backside of the jewelry should impart fortune and protection onto the wearer.

Which leads to another jewelry trend...spirituality.  This really important during any Awards Show Week, jewelry to lend moral support, good luck, and shielding the wearers from envious people.

Like this scribe mentions numerous times, beauty suites and lounges are the best places to discover the newest and latest in makeup, like Marc Jacobs Beauty landing at HBO's Beauty and Gifting Suite.

This scribe was the one of the lucky firsts to give Marc Jacobs Beauty's buoyancy gel technology.  Instead of coating the skin and clogging the pores in oils and creams, coconut water extracts plump up the lips, the lids, and the skin sans oil in fun, festive colors.

The pleasant, sudden nomination of a "Cinderella Effect" can be nerve-racking, the last-minute exercise and primping for actors who normally don't care about stuff like that, now do.

To take the edge off, the Four Seasons of Beverly Hills' The Spa is smoothing out the nerves and imperfection right up to the the big night.

Yesterday, the day before the Emmys, was the last day of beauty and style suites.  Stars dashing towards the finishing line in getting primped and pomped.

GBK has healthy snacks and meal packages to get Emmy host, Neil Patrick Harris, fit and ready for tonight's gig.  Stars such as: Penny Marshall, Harry Hamlin, Matt LeBlanc, Alfre Woodard, Jason Isaacs, Chris Noth, Dennis Quaid, Ed O' Neill, Camille Grammer, and Chuy were thrilled as much as this scribe discovering the coolest beauty tools like BARBAR 2600 Titanium Ionic Flat Iron.  The ladies were relieved to spot imPress Press On Manicures in the last minute.  The guys-and the ladies were fueling on fat-free Oasis Mediterranean Cuisine Hommus, so packed with flavor, people really don't miss the fat.

Real fruit chews, Lovely Candy & Co. had the big kids happily snacking on all-natural fruit chews made with real bits of dried fruits mixed with milk and brown rice syrup, think of it as fruit chews for grown-ups,

"Once Upon a Time" Meghan Ory is just like R.J. Mitte, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tony Shalhoub, Jane Lynch, Jeremy Irons, Jason Isaacs, Jared Harris, Malin Akerman and other

stars, part-time New Mexico residents and fans of New Mexico-based Cocopotamus Chocolate, a husband-and-wife chocolatier duo specializing in gluten-free, all-natural chocolate and caramel truffles with aromatic bouquet of cherry, hazelnut, and strawberry-fragrance notes derived from the cocoa beans themselves,

It's not all healthy indulgences.  The much-needed "No Think Diet" Meal Plan offers four different cuisines to keep the stars mentally-sane and fulfilled while staying fit,

Rachelle Begley, Jr., Hollywood's greenest wife, had a fun and fit time at 7th Annual Eco Emmys "Empowering Women" Pre-Emmy Two-Day Party at the Pickford Mansion in historical Hancock Park.

Her and fellow guests snacked on Organic Oasis' vegan cashew milk ice cream (the lemon ice cream was divine) and cooled down with Coco Libre Organic Coconut Water (which also quench thirsty stars at DPA Emmy Gifting Suite two days ago) while checking out the curve-friendly belted dresses and gowns by Fashion Axiom, LLC.

Now that everyone in Hollywood from the journalists to the nominees are polished and fit for tonight's Emmy Awards, we all have to wait until January for the rest of Award Shows Season to start with a whole new slew of beauty, gifting, and style suites to discover and enjoy.

'Til Next Year.

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