Monday, September 2, 2013

Savoring Summer in Cool Breezy Clothes and Melt-Proof Makeup

By Laura Medina

Our brains may say "crisp Fall," but our body still says "hot, sweaty, stinky Dog Days of Summer...for September, especially if you live in the Southeast or sunny California or blistering Nevada.

The mere thought of cozy, woolly sweaters has your brain broiling right now.

Forget what the Pollyannas hyping about heavy clothes for crisp Autumn, focus on what your body is telling you...time to cool off on Labor Day and recharge for the hyper-activity of New York Fashion Week and the Emmys.  New York Fashion Week signals Fall while a week later, the Emmys signals the end of Summer and the start of the new Fall television schedule.

How to deal while cooling off and recharging...

Voda Swimwear maxes out the waning and waxing Summer days and nights by gradually updating your minimal bikinis and tankinis and maillots into something that is authentically Malibu Hip or SoCal Cool, the real way true California Beach Babes and Beauties dress from surf to street, notably the Malibu residents living near Malibu Country Mart, the real headquarter hub bub of Malibu Style.

According to Voda Swimwear, Instead of shelving your suit come fall, 'up cycle' it into your everyday wardrobe throughout the year. That favorite bandeau, tankini, or slenderizing one piece can be utilized to embrace the year's ubiquitous trends - sheer blouses, loose tanks, and high-waisted bottoms. Instead of buying brand new basics, utilize the ones you already have.

Sheer Blouses & Loose Tanks
Whether it's a tank for the hotter seasons or a blouse for the cooler ones, this trend has proven to be a go-to piece for every season. While lacey bandeaus look cute when paired with a sheer chemise, they don’t hold much up! Instead, throw on your strapless bikini top for better support.
Try this trick with: Voda Swim’s Envy Push Up Bandeau (top left), which enhances your bust one to two cup sizes, or Guria Swimwear’s Strappy Padded, Strapless Underwire or Braided Twist tops.

High-Waisted Bottoms
A high-waisted bottom is always high on our list. Complement the curve creating fit with a tailored top. Substitute your usual tank with a sexy monokini for a night on the town, or just a simple tankini top for a date night with your beau. Adding a blazer turns the ensemble into a business casual get-up.

Try this trick with: Voda Swim’s Envy Push Up Shirred Tankini or Envy Push Up Monokini.

A simple caftan from full-blown maxi to knee-length cocktail dress to sassy shirt-as-a tunic, you can't go wrong for simple Summer Sophistication.

This skincare-loving scribe has always been up-to-date and open for innovative, imagine this startling new division of makeup, complexion sprays.

The innovator in this new makeup-protection, Skindinavia, teamed up with cutting-edge Urban Decay for this vitamin-enriching, clear spray that stops makeup meltdowns while fortifying the skin with necessary vitamins to strengthen the skin at the same time.

If you want to, you can toss away those traditional pore-clogging powders for this breathable skin shield.

Urban Decay's B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray is a soothing prep spray that features the first stabilized form of vitamin B6, which absorbs oil, minimizes pores, and reduces redness. 

The COOL science behind Skindinävia, its patented technology forms a lightweight, breathable web on top of your makeup that slowly releases over 16 hours. The timed-release evaporation retains moisture longer while also drawing heat away from the skin as it slowly evaporates throughout the day. The results are fresh, cool makeup for up to 16 hours.

What's Cool about Skindinävia skincare technology? It...
  • Keeps makeup fresh throughout the day.
  • Preserves full coverage
  • Prevents color loss
  • Controls excess oil production
  •  Diminishes shine 
  •  Retains moisture longer
  •  won't clog pores or cause breakouts
  •  Breathable
  •  Lightweight
  •  Hypoallergenic
  •  Oil free
  •  Paraben free
  •  Non Comedogenic
Not only does it work as a makeup mesh that allows your skin to breathe, it's a refresher with Vitamin B6 to normalizes overactive cell-signaling proteins (called cytokines) to help control sebum production, vitamin E provides antioxidants, and willow bark (rich in natural salicylic acid) to aid cell turnover. 

With this much goodness packed in one pump, you can spritz on your neck, shoulder, and decolletage, cleavage, and arms for post-sunburn relief and nourishment.

One thing to remember, shut your eyes closed when you spritz Urban Decay's B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray in your face.  It stings when you're eyes wide-open but other than that, it is authentically cool.

L' Oreal's Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain 

First discovered way back in January's L'Oreal's Golden Globe Gifting Suite/Beauty Lounge to prep actresses for the Golden Globe Awards Show, it was the perfect place to discover and test the newest and latest L'Oreal beauty products from hair care to lips, no better place to test a product under the glare and the bright wattage of the red carpet.

When this scribe first slicked on L' Oreal's Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain way back in January's Golden Globe Gifting Suite, this scribe could not get over how light-weight this opaque stain is.

Acts like a lipgloss without the sticky glop, thick as lipstick without the matte dryness, and light as a stain gel with color pigmentation impact, L' Oreal's Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain is great for color on the sand under the blazing sun during the Dog Days of Summer.

Does Back-to-School Shopping during the hottest days of the year has you steaming with headaches?  It is just your brain over-heating with stress.

What is great with just a dash of Vikingfjord Vodka, other than it is calorie and sugar-free, it adapts to any flavor and texture.

Burnt out on wine? Need to chill post-school?  Bored with Bloody Marys? You need take your reliable veggie and fruit pressed juice concoctions and smoothies then jazz them up with a tablespoon of old-fashion and trust-worthy clear Vikingfjord Vodka to chill out and pause for a moment.

Since Labor Day is bursting with a bounty of fresh vegetables and fruit, why not make some use of them with vodka.

The vitamins and antioxidants from the juice concoctions and smoothies will counter-balance any mere drops of vodka.  With these colorful flavors, you wouldn't even notice the taste.

This is this scribe's Labor Day treat to you all, beach-cool clothes, beach-cool makeup, and healthy cocktails.  Cheers to the waning, waxing days and evenings of Summer.

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