Monday, August 5, 2013

Breaking Through that "Mid-Life Crisis" Wall, Michael Hogg, the Age-Nostic Man.

By Laura Medina

Right at his peak, Michael Hogg hit that wall, that Mid-Life Crisis.

Just when things finally fall into place, it all fell apart.  At 48, he suffered a divorce and he was so focused on building businesses all over the world that he neglected his relationships and health. They all culminated in a mental and physical breakdown where he lost everything, his business, his love of his life, his love life, his looks, and health.

As they say, you either build yourself up or go out.  Being a man that he is, Michael Hogg decided to build himself up.

In his tell-all/advice book, "The Age-Nostic Man," he reveals his knowledge and secret to looking and feeling young, focusing on the trials and stress unique to men,

Even women can gleam a few tips into building themselves back up after traumatic events that happen at the same time, but Michael's advice book slants towards men because there are already so much books on women and menopause but what about the guy and his internal and situational mid-life crisis, an hurricane of problems that affect his internal health?

Due to heartbreak, stress, weary, and fatigue, Michael is all open-book about his journey and what he had to do to climb back on top.  According to him, the anti-aging industry is still a hot topic; and it is up to those if they want to take it or not...

He's pretty darn close to sixty but Michael is often mistaken for a man ten to fifteen years younger; and he's at the same weight as he was at nineteen.  When he started his journey in his forties, his daughters were embarrassed by it but now, they're proud of the old man.  They often commented how their dad is often way younger than their friends' dads.  Oh by the way, above, those are Michael's daughters, not his girlfriends.

A Summer White Party was in his honor and for launching his book at the fabled Beverly Hills Hotel.  A White Party is a blank slate starting over for men who want to renew your lives.  Michael's book can tell you how.

He doesn't want to give it all away but there are hints and tips on the aging process he learned from doctors, acceptance in order to solve the problems, how to cope with depression, getting your mojo back, yoga for guys, anti-oxidant foods, ten relationship tips, and the trends in anti-aging.

Influential Hollywood industry guys, who are long-established or re-emerging as Hollywood newbies, showed up with respect for Michael and how he helped in their own life changes.

Pete Freeland, starring in "The Ten: Vain" with Eric Roberts, said that Michael's book is about redemption and starting your life back from scratch through a journey of self-discovery then Michael chronicles it.  It's about using your powers for good. It's a story about people. People are always going through struggle, always about recovery and triumphant. It's about moving forward and taking a little of risk.  It's like that olde saying, doing what love then the money will follow.

If you want to learn more about Micheal Hogg's journey and his "knowledge" about slowing down the aging process, you can go to and read his book, "The Age-Nostic Man: The Secrets of Anti-Ageing for Men,"

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