Friday, November 26, 2010

Little Girls and Big Girls love vegan The Painted Nail by Nubar

By Laura Medina

When Katie Cazorla wanted to open her own nail salon, obviously she was searching for the right nail polish.

From a flyer and a good-word-of-mouth, Ms. Cazorla was led to Nubar, a guy who manufactures nail polish for all sorts of companies.

Those two came at the right time and the right place.

Nubar's cousin was diagnosed with lymph node cancer. The chemotherapy ravaged her self-esteem as well as her immune system. What is even more heart-breaking due to the weaken immune system, the typical chemicals in mainstream cosmetics are too harsh and too toxic for a cancer patient.

He could not stand watching his cousin suffering from depression. He knew if he can manufacture a nail polish that is gentle and safe enough for cancer patients; he can perk them up with a little something to make him and patients, like his cousin, happier.

However, he met resistance from the mainstream retailers and companies in supplying the public with carcinogenic-free, Toulene-free, and phthalate (DBP)-free nail polish; who were not convince that something safe and healthy can be glamorous and glitzy. Nubar was dishearted they were interested in the buck than people's health.

It was all the matter of meeting the person at the right time at the right place.

This is where Cazorla came in. When she found out that Nubar can and does make nail polish safe enough to nibble on. She convince him why supply only to nail salons when you can take it retail? When she learned how much it costs to make then sell at a reasonable price point for under ten dollars, Cazorla envision a viable market where both little girls starting to wear cosmetics can play safely with nail polish and big, health-conscious girls can still be glamorous without worrying about the toxicity of their makeup.

This new endeavor is now named, "The Painted Nail by Nubar," honoring the man who diligently concocted a new and safer nail polish formula that is vegetarian-based.

They threw a big send-off at Ron Robinson Apothia on Melrose almost a month ago where little girls and big girls partake organic, vegan The Painted Nail manicures, juicy cocktails, and a candy land of Jelly Bellies, lollipops, and cupcakes.

Katie and Nubar do prove that yes, you can be good to your health and the environment while having fun with your nails.

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