Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cynthia Rowley does Art Performance on her blank canvas outfits

By Laura Medina

An art movie with Cynthia Rowley & Olaf Breuning.
While most folks, yours included, trick o' treated or did the Time Warp Dance with 8,720 people breaking the world record at West Hollywood's Halloween Carnival, Cynthia Rowley and fellow fashion designers team up with established and emerging artists for a Museum of Modern Art art performance during this past weekend.
Ms. Rowley provide an all-white version of her current Fall 2010 Collection as blank canvases for Mr. Breuning to spill and pour over the models.

Then, Ms. Rowley herself gently cuts off the pieces and hangs them as one-off, unique art objects.

Like traditional canvas, her outfits are constructed from good ole denim and they are now available for purchase on her website under "MOVE Collaboration with Olaf Breuning."
You can watch the art happening on http://vimeo.com/15824811.

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