Monday, October 7, 2019

Artists need shoes & food, Dr. Martens Music & Film Series Kicks-Off with R&B Artist PJ Sunday, Sept. 22 At Delicious Pizza in Hollywood, 7:00pm & adidasLA Celebrates Illustrator Iliana Galvez.

By Laura Medina

Young emerging artists need shoes and food.  This is where Dr. Martens step in and sponsor R&B Artist PJ at Delicious Pizza in Hollywood.  This Brooklyn pizza joint was transplanted here by music industry vets Delicious Vinyl founder Mike Ross and brother Rick Ross,  high-quality pies and golden-era hip-hop memorabilia has made it a destination for unique experience of music and food. 

Delicious Pizza uses an all-organic grain mix fermented with a home-grown natural yeast starter for its dough and offers unconventional toppings (like soppressata, ricotta and fontina cheeses, and house-made sausage) for its hip-hop-themed pies (think: Cheeba Cheeba and The Slaughtahouse). Delicious also offers pizza by the slice. Memorabilia from the golden era of hip-hop lines the walls and the speakers are always blasting something cool from the old school. Also, check out the events page to see whats going on and engage with the community. 

Delicious Pizza is an home-away-from-home for New York musicians.

Perfect place for PJ is launch where people had a free 2 pizza slices and a soda dinner and plenty waiting for her, once her set is done.

Folks bought limited edition tee-shirts as souvenirs.

Long associated with mavericks and rebels in the music world, iconic footwear brand Dr. Martens is proud to celebrate the tenacious musicians living in the L.A. and NYC music scenes through a handful of rare concert events and mini documentary films around these artists.

For the Dr. Martens Music & Film Series , L.A.-based filmmaker Erik Rojas and NYC-based filmmaker Vincent Martell have curated a lineup of 11 musicians that will share their stories of resilience and determination. They will explore what it takes to succeed as performers realizing their own artistic vision in the music industry. Each L.A. and NYC concert event as well as the short documentary films created will provide an intimate look at the daily lives of working musicians and share a unique point of view as told by our filmmakers who have their own stories of resilience to tell.

Adidas, wisely collaborate and sponsor fresh talent among their desired demographics, tweens, teens, and twenties.  They sponsor Iliana Galvez, who went ahead and become an illustrator since her sister complained that there are no artwork that looks like her.

For that,  Adidas opened up their Melrose as her pop-up art gallery and made her the celebrity of the night, where she autographed her totes and people can purchase their illustrated Adidas merchandise then get even more customization.

Fresh stuff.

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