Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Premiering on Amazon Prime Video this Fall, Marisa Romanov, "Fringe meets Supernatural with twists of David Lynch."

By Laura Medina

The creator/writer/director of "Marisa Romanov," Miranda Spigener-Sapon described the journey of bringing her sci-fi/noir thriller to screen as fine art.  Chiseling a sculpture actually.

She said that with each step, with each story and plot and character development, is like using a chisel to better refine the story.

What started out as a way to use up leftover 16mm film, is now on its way as Amazon Prime series, aligned with Sony Television France and Noirtainment.

That leftover film became a festival prize-winning indie nine minute short that made a Paramount Studio executive to tell Miranda, stick with this movie then further develop it.  This was the seed to "Marisa Romanov."

Marisa Romanov was inspired from a 9-minute short film that Miranda wrote and directed that went on to be part of the Official Selection of the International Venice Film Festival on September 2001, earning Audience Choice.  The film was also screened in an Alternate Selection screening during the 2001 Berlin Film Festival, earning accolades as the Audience Pick. Additionally, a book deal on the prequel has been secured by Winterwolf Press and the feature film rights have been optioned by Vaussier at SPT France. The novel will be written by Miranda Spigener-Sapon along with Ross John Gosla.  The series will be Executive Produced by Jean-Michel Vaussier of SPT France, first time Showrunner/Creator Miranda Spigener-Sapon along with Executive Producers Pete Freeland, Nick DeLaRosa and Producer Soraya Tascon from Noirtainment.  
Elias Toufexis 
Elias Toufexis, one of the lead actors on the sci-fi/noir thriller series, talked about how lucky he is to in the series,..
"I moved to Los Angeles after working on a lot of American shows that shot in Canada.  I usually died on them so I was literally running out of work."
"When show runner, Miranda, wrote me about working on Marisa Romanov, I initially dismissed it. I get a lot of offers for parts that either don't usually pan out, or are badly written and produced that I tend to pass."
"This time, the script is great and Miranda is a great producer and show runner.  I am so excited to begin."
Joining Elias are Pete Freeland, fellow co-star and one of the executive producer on "Marisa Romanov."  He's a Renaissance Man, astronaut and character actor and producer.  The stars are the limits for this gent.
Jean-Michel Vaussier, a development executive with Sony Television France and an Executive Producer/Development Consultant at France 2 Television Network, with Miranda Spigener-Sapon, is helping in helming this soon-to-be international television series, a sci-fi/spy thriller that the whole world can get thrill out of.


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