Monday, July 2, 2018

July the 4th, Brentwood BBQ & Fried Chicken & Brentwood Down-Home Pies, Holy Cow & Winston Pies are Comfort Food and Comfort Food is Brentwood Food Which Means Quality Food.

By Laura Medina

It's crunch time for Los Angelenos driving themselves crazy for good ole, traditional All-American food for the All-American holiday, July the 4th.  Independence Day for us Americans.

In a city that depends on hot, sex Europeans and diet-crazed hotties to "hot," good ole American barbecue and fried chicken, much less protein-rich and quick-and cheaper hot dogs and burgers, sometimes don't make the cut.

Way before there was a Los Angeles, it's barbecue and fried chicken...and fruit pies are what built and fed the fueling and expansion of this country.  Barbecuing is cooking, tenderizing, and preserving tough cuts of meat that fed pirates and settlers...and cowboys and cowgirls.

Fried chicken was and is easy to travel from wagon to train and still time-consuming science and art to qualify as Sunday Dinner.  Now, it's the world's American craving globally.

Pie was jam, preserving Summer's fruit bounty into vitamin-starved Winter.

Now, you're trendy and just don't have the time and knowledge to cook up any of these.

Let Holy Cow, in Brentwood and Culver City, and Winston Pies in Brentwood,-expanding soon to West Hollywood's 3rd St.-do all the work right because they have the knowledge.

Monday to Friday, you can get your juicy, succulent Baby Back Ribs, in single person half or friends' full-rack Baby Back ribs.

Big juicy, meaty Beef Ribs are reserved for weekends only, because Holy Cow only has one smoker out back.  They're for real.

If you can't stand running around like a chicken with its head cut off, no need to panic.  Under Holy Cow's roof, they do traditional Fried Chicken, for real.

See, when it comes to the main attraction, Holy Cow has every traditional All-American meals under one roof.

Holy Cow isn't an one-hit holiday wonder.  It's a quality but laid-back neighborhood hang-out from everybody in the local neighborhood, from frantic families to ladies who lunch who need something more substantial than finger sandwiches to a protein-hungry fitness freak who need real protein and iron.

They have beer on tap.  They pair white wine with fried chicken and red wines with BBQ.

If you're too busy being a power lady or a power dude, you can either order and pick-up a party pack or hire their catering food truck to do all the work, so you don't have to sweat out the details...

Too busy to bake pie or you're proud enough to be a LA Woman and can't bake or cook, yet trapped into throwing a 4th of July party or picnic?

You can get a traditional pies at Winston Pies,

They're having a 4th of July pie specials, so you don't have to do all the work.

The founder and owner, Brianna grew up baking pies from Winston-Salem, North Carolina then transferred her baking traditional skills and heritage to America's fruit basket, California.  Her pie baking skills and tradition went crazy with all these fresh, ripe, and unique berries and fruit that California has the best to offer.

Full-sized traditional pies to mini, personal-sized pies to hand-held, hand pies to the tiniest Pie Bites for full-flavor and texture for the portion-controlled, Winston Pies has pies for everyone, with each and all of Americana fruits and flavors year-around with seasonal specials tossed in.  With the seasonal specials, take advantage of them before they disappear for another year.

Both in Brentwood, Holy Cow and Winston Pies got you covered for the 4th of July.

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