Friday, July 6, 2018

Heat Wave Food Rich in Protein, Vegan Protein While Detoxing.

By Laura Medina

Needing protein to fill you up and fuel you up when it's too hot to cook?

Still need some protein but over did it on the meat during July the 4th?

Have no fear, cool, fun protein treats are here, thanks to technology.

On a sweltering day, need something cool and fun to munch because you don't have what it takes to cook during an heat wave?

Beanitos take five grams of mushy beans then transformed them into crunchy tortilla chips, mixed and baked with five grams of long grain white rice.  It's not your usually bowl of rice and beans.  Instead, it's a more fun version of it, in an easy snack food way.  Great paired with peach salsa for extra antioxidants.

Peeled Snacks makes taking your peas way easier, for all you peas haters.

Beyond black and red beans, Peeled Snacks' Peas Please makes baked pea pods into the new potato chips in fun, delicious flavors: White Cheddar, Herb Garden, Southwest Spice, Haberno Lime, and Sea Salt.  Watch out, Peeled Snacks' Peas Please are on their way to becoming the next potato chips, in all sorts of fun flavors.

Here's another way to get your amino acid proteins, without being icky about it.

Fun and crunchy and snacky, GimMe Organic Seaweed Chips look, feel, and taste like any other tortilla chips but they got seaweed in them in fun flavors to get your non-dairy calcium, iron, fiber, and beta carotene : Sea Salt, Teriyaki, and Wasabi.

Seaweed offers the broadest range of minerals of any food on the planet, containing 10-20 times the mineral concentration of land plants, plus it's high in protein and fiber. That's why a serving can be only 25-100 calories and packed with flavor and nutrients. Seaweed is an excellent source of iodine and vitamin K and a very good source of folate, magnesium, iron, and calcium. Seaweed also contains measurable amounts of vitamins C and E, which help the absorption of all the other good stuff.

Iodine controls the functioning of thyroid glands in human body, which in turn has a significant influence on the metabolic processes in the body. It helps in the optimal utilization of calories, thereby preventing its storage as excess fat.

For this snacking, busy gourmand, who needs a break from meat over-load, this is an awesome way to get your minerals and protein, sans meat.

Sweaty, thirsty, and dehydrated during an heat wave, dying for cool relief but need protein without the heavy sugar and fat?

Injured from a weight-lifting accident, Nathan Carey knew there must be a better way to healthy recover to rebuild your muscles.

If we're okay with sipping gallons of smoothies, why not make them into ice cream that's healthy?  Shoot, used as a smoothie base, then you'll get one heck of a smoothie.

High protein, lower sugar and 120 calories per serving, Swell Ice Cream is low fat (2.5 grams or less per half-cup serving), delivers 10 grams of protein per 120-calorie serving and is soy free, certified gluten-free, certified OU-D Kosher and low glycemic.”

Ice cream for breakfast or even lunch? Why not on an heat wave.  With Swell Ice Cream, high in protein, low in sugar, gets you going or at least, healthy cool relief.

Layering it with cereal and fruits, you'll get yourself an healthy sundae.

Still desiring a real ice cream treat during an heat wave?

Low in calories and sugar and fat, and high in protein and calicum, and fiber and gluten-free, you can enjoy an easy breakfast or treat without the sugar, the artificial flavoring, and the calories.  A gym treat.

See, you can have complete nutrition and diet sans suffering during an heat wave.

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heather said...

I'll have to check out these snacks. Thank you for the meatless recommendation!