Friday, July 8, 2016

The Broken Calzone at Ca'Brea, It's Good for What Ails You When Done or About to Party.

By Laura Medina

Ca'Brea's Broken Calzone by Chef  GEORGE SARKIS

For as long as this "party rock foodie" scribe has remembered, there isn't really a decent place to dine before or after a concert at the Wiltern.  Sorry, guzzling a gallon bottle of cranberry ginger ale at Ralph's, doesn't count.

The Wiltern has gained a reputation for attracting and putting on A-list concerts by established cool scenesters, such as Blondie or the hottest geek-chic rockers, OK GO!  Regardless, The Wiltern puts on shows for Los Angeles' culturati, but the surrounding neighborhood never had any decent dining establishment that matches or equals the culturati's taste for quality food before or after the concert...until now....

Like everything else, after being pushed out of the La Brea District due to rising rents, Ca'Brea has landed at 3900 WILSHIRE BLVD., LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90010.  Ramada Hotel is happy to gain an established Italian restaurant to call as their own home restaurant.  Ca'Brea is happy, in return, for having existing hotel guests as clientele.  Still, they're willing to add more customers to their mix by adjusting to The Wiltern's concert audience hungry for a decent place to eat.

Chef George Sarkis thought of that, what pre and post-concert go-ers and "party hardy" scenesters craving for.

If early twentieth-century Harlem jazz musicians can't make up their minds between a fried chicken dinner and a waffle breakfast, why not have both then invent Fried Chicken & Waffles which has become an American Classic meal. 

Sarkis thought the same way.  Why not combine the best of breakfast, fresh poached eggs with a traditional Italian calzone (or pizza) packed with oozing cheese, cased in hand-made pizza crust into a new type of hip but casual dish that combines the best of both worlds, the Broken Calzone.

It's a crusty, crunchy pizza crust boat nestling a bed of melted, gooey Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, ricotta, and spinach, topped with two poached eggs.  It's a boat of protein sauce with a rich amount of good fat to fill stomachs and absorb hangovers for a reason price of $15.

Sarkis or his chefs will whisk the cheeses and the eggs together into a creamy, cheese sauce cradled in the open-faced pizza crust boat, to make it easier on you while you recover or make it easier for you to slow then savor it.

Sensing the hungry pre-concert crowd yearns more than popcorn and an hot dog (today's kids are better educated in gourmet food, thanks Food Network) then they'll come back for more, after getting smashed on over-priced cheap beer at The Wiltern, Ca'Brea will make the Broken Calzone available for Happy Hour (when it'll be slightly cheaper) before the concert, late night for after the concert, and for Breakfast, when you need something easy and substantial to soak up the alcohol from the night before.

Ca'Brea and the Broken Calzone, welcome to the neighborhood.

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