Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cole Skincare for Men Primping & Pampering the Athletes and the L.A. Rams for the ESPYS.

By Laura Medina
The Los Angeles Rams getting their facials on, welcome to L.A.

Experiencing Cleansing Facial Pads w/Moisture for Men for the first time.

The Oscars of Televised Sports, The ESPYS, are on tonight.

Last night was where all the real action was, the parties, the gifting suites, and the pampering lounge where real players (the athletes are really decent, down-to-earth guys) were being primped and polished for their close-ups, all taken care by Cole Skincare.

"Cole" behind Cole Skincare is really a lady.  Cole Patterson spent the past twenty years caring for and perfecting the skin of some of the biggest athletes and celebrities in the world including Usher, Larenz Tate, NBA Superstar Jalen Rose, television host Karamo Brown and NBC's The Biggest Loser star trainer Dolvett Quince.  Her multi-functional skincare line for men has been used on many film/television production such as HBO Ballers starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, NBC he Voice, and ABC Blackish just to name a few.   

After dealing with those men, who care about their complexions yet can't deal with 100-steps skincare that women had took the time mastering, Cole Skincare is really pared to five essentials that can be used in three steps, that Clinique has established as basic skincare.  She even pared it even further, down to two steps, for busy men.

These LA Rams were enjoying Cole Skincare's Cleansing Facial Pads w/Moisture for Men,
3-in-1 Foaming Cleanser for Men, and Moisture Balm for Men while getting their first facial and scalp/temple massage.  They're not in St. Louis anymore.

Remember, these LA Rams were St. Louis Rams a few months ago.  They're not used to the LA standard of massages and facials for mental health/relaxation.  So, they're forgiven for doing the faux pas of texting while receiving a massage or appearing really nervous while getting a back rub as the therapist explain to you that you should ease up more.  

The massage session is the second part of the pampering after getting their facials.

Men love the final and third step, the manicure.  They're thrilled as hell when it's comes to nail hygiene.
Now these freshly minted L.A. Rams are ready for their close-ups, the night before the ESPYS.

Having professional footballers been giving the Cinderella Treatment was new to them but they appreciate the Tender Loving Care they received from Ms. Cole Patterson. This was the first time Ms. Cole did a pampering lounge for the ESPYS.  This scribe and the LA Rams hope she'll continue this new tradition. 

Are you "man enough" to pamper yourself, like the LA Rams?


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Cole Patterson said...

This was such a great event. I'm happy you were able to capture it. Please stay current with other events we will be having by signing up for our newsletter to get special notice of exclusive events, specials and product launch