Thursday, July 14, 2016

Retro Chic, Curves Got Back, Curves by Victoria Janashvili and Galina Sobolev's Single Dress Plus.

By Laura Medina

As much as this scribes enjoys drawing and painting in Photoshop, this curvy scribe agrees with most celebrities, that the figure and body manipulation and editing has gone too far, that the subject matters don't even recognize themselves.
Victoria Janashvili is no outsider looking in.  She's a proven editorial/commercial photographer who shot campaigns for GQ, Men's Health, L'Officiel, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Playboy and many others. Commercially she is working for Target, MiracleSuit, Amoressa, Badgley Mischka, Miracle Body Lord&Taylor and many other companies and brands.

She met ultra-skinny models who still think they're fat and unfortunately, are so skinny that the general public can't relate to them then Victoria met attractive, sexy women with meat and bones in all the right places, who find themselves undesirable because they're not "model issue" or used to be "model issue."

The same time women's morale is sinking, this is coinciding with the rising demographic of normal and plus-size women whose disposable income is also increasing.  This is the same time these rising women are lamenting the lack of style in their sizes and the lack of sizes in the styles they desire.

Victoria Janashvili's "Curves" Art Book and Galina Sobolev's Single Dress Plus arrive at the right moment.

The curvy models in Victoria Janashvili's "Curves" Art Book are reminiscent of the retro, vintage "pin-up girl" naughty, "wink-wink" illustrations of Alberto Vargas, Esquire's "bombshell" illustrator.  He was the precursor and the standard-bearer of Playboy's early center-fold pin-ups, the curvy pin-up, who might be the girl-next-door.

Victoria Janashvili revisits this concept, re-tooled for today, using today's "Girls-Next-Door" as models in her "Curves" Art Book celebrating the real, attainable women...who are also today's "Sex and the City" women with cold, hard cash to burn.

If Victoria can celebrate the real, natural female body, Galina Sobolev guess they're a beautiful form to build her Single Dress Clothing Line, Single Dress Plus on, one of the first fashion brand on Amazon Fashion.

As a veteran fashion designer who has witnessed trends and fads and companies come and go, she knew there are curvy women with natural-born assets who can't find stylish clothes that flatter curvy women and didn't fit on all the right places.

Galina is a fashion designer.  She was trained to tailor in various sizes on up-to-date fabrics.  She knows how to dart and intake on all the right spots.  She knows that curvy women have cold, hard cash to burn; and Galina senses she needs to be her Curvy Single Plus Dresses and tops available to women outside of Hollywood and Manhattan.

Unlike most quick, cheap, and lazy manufacturers churning baggy anything, Galina takes the time to nip and tuck around the waist while enhancing the bust.  What the "Joan Halloways," already know, emphasize what's good about your body and make the designers "design" around you, unlike today when "girls" conform to what designers think is beautiful.

Plus, being comfortable as a curvy women doesn't mean being sloppy, slobby, or baggy.

Galina Sobolev's Curvy Single Dress Plus on Amazon highlights what's good about women's bodies.

What Victoria exposes what is good about the traditional female form, Galina takes advantage of the female form then shows it off in beautiful fabric and good tailoring, an hallmark of a fashion designer.

Oh yeah, real bodies have real money.


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