Friday, June 27, 2014

Young, Hip-Hip-Hooray for Hillary Clinton at Madera Restaurant in Hollywood..,of course.

By Laura Medina

When it comes to grassroots campaign, nobody does it better than Hollywood, why do you think, Republican or Democratic president, always makes a pit stop for cash and tie up traffic.

Unaware by Hillary Clinton herself or her committee, young Hollywood showed her some love by early fundraising for her potential 2016 presidential bid at Madera Restaurant last night.

"The Apprentice" Omarosa Manigault used to work for Ms. Hillary when she was First Lady.
Now, she wants to return the favor by campaigning for her by hosting "salon parties for Hillary."

What a better way than utilizing a young restaurant's than three months young Madera Restaurant's Happy Hour where young Hollywood can nosh on innovative cuisine while doing "win-win," helping a young business when raising funds for Hillary.

Hillary campaigners raise funds through very affordable and yummy,  half-priced Happy Hour meals.

Still, this fashionable foodie went for the regular-priced Grilled Oysters stuffed with Black Kale, Golden Raisin, Pine Nut Breadcrumbs then settled down with the Happy Hour Bacon Flatbread consisting of Tomato Jam, Smoked Mozzarella, Green Garlic.

Imagine that, funding Hillary's presidential bid while feeding yourself.

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