Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer in Your Mouth, Malibu Rum Sparklers.

By Laura Medina

Malibu Rum Sparklers in Coconut & Peach

Knowing the stylish culturati gets to "know" first before anyone else, these fabulous lifestyle foodies sipped "Summer" way back in the middle of this recent, past Spring when brunching at an intimate Malibu Rum Sparklers brunch at Skybar, catered by Herringbone in late April.  You can watch the whole brunch at

Each guest can select one meal, while feasting on breakfast pastries of rolls, bread, and croissants. 

For the late-morning birds, they settled on a decadent Eggs Benedict.  For those on a protein-diet like this soon-be-socializing scribe, they nibbled on fried shrimp tacos.

Herringbone kindly provided platters of mini desserts of creamy chocolate nougat bars and squares of strawberry cheesecakes resting on a bed of strawberry mousse.

The real desserts were the Malibu Rum Sparklers cocktails that everyone were, at first, graciously sipping then gleefully guzzling, think of them as the new variation on the Eighties wine coolers but surprisingly, less on the corn syrup and more on the fruit flavor.

With carbonation already in the rum, there is no need to douse the rum with soda, club soda, or champagne.

All you need is fruit juice, and your cocktail is complete.

Great for a hot, lazy Summer BBQ or on the deck without a care in the world.

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