Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Chris Duke, of Motorz TV, Recommends Cars for Women & Girls at Beverly Hills' Concours d’Elegance on Father's Day.

By Laura Medina

Chris Duke of "Motorz TV"

Whenever Beverly Hills does something, it does it spectacularly, especially on Father's Day.

Now a Beverly Hills tradition, Concours d’Elegance, the upscale exotic car show, is always thrown on Father's Day as a gift to all dads, displaying the best of the best in cars, blocking Rodeo Drive from Wilshire Boulevard to Santa Monica Boulevard.

Two years ago, it was the best of Italian cars.  A year ago, it was the best of British cars. Now, it's the 100th birthday of Beverly Hills and the history of film and television and the cars that played in our All-American culture and history.

This year's honorary VIP guest is Chris Duke of Motorz TV, his automotive improvement show.

Chris being interviewed by Spencer Owens.

It was heart-touching to see and meet up with Chris...and family in tow and seeing his two daughters watching their dad being interviewed by this scribe then by Spencer Owens.

Knowing that his daughters will come to age soon and he runs a car maintenance and improvement show, this scribe picked Chris' brain for the best cars for the different stages in a woman's life: teenage/young adult, professional, and established.

Here are his picks for a woman's different stages in life...

For the teen who just got her driver's license who wants to keep it well into college and early pay check, the Ford Taurus.  Other than its obvious affordability, it's easy to take care of and reasonable on gas mileage

For the professional woman who out-grew her teen/college/assistant salad days Ford Taurus, the professional BMW for the woman who finally earned that head job title.  The suspension are easy on the bumps and potholes of life.

Finally for the woman who did it all and done it all and is ready to pounce on fresh young meat and can afford the up-keep, the Maserati (which always dots Beverly Hills' Concours d’Elegance every year without failure).  Sure, it's the most expensive to maintain but nothing says established and sexy all in one sentence like a Maserati.

After chit-chatting with this scribe, Chris and his daughters enjoyed celebrating Father's Day the way dads like to spend their days...browsing exotic cars that span the globe but always at top-tier.

If you want a sample of the Concours d’Elegance, watch this Tastemade video,

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