Monday, June 2, 2014

Hollywood's Prayers Has Been Answered, One Week of Free Cardio Barre Classes at Exhale Mind Body Spa at Loews Hollywood Hotel

By Laura Medina

Let's get real.  Ever wondered how Hollywood's hottest hotties got their ideal bodies sans plastic surgery, Cardio Barre.

This is kick-butt combination of yoga-meets-barre-meets-kickboxing with free weights is an all- around toner where aerobics intersects anaerobic small-muscle building which means fat-burning.

Mind you, Cardio Barre never promises anyone they'll be Playboy Bunnies.  They can only guarantee be the best that you be, in regards to your real shape and whatever age you're at.  This is why this scribe fell in love with Cardio Barre.  The instructors are master of this and they all come in different shapes and sizes but they're at their optimal fitness and can kick anyone's butt.  You know that old saying, "If it's easy then everyone would be doing it."  Trust this scribe, these instructors can whip your butt into shape.

The general public, today, can dip their toes in Cardio Barre because Exhale Mind Body Spa is formally debuting it tonight with a free class and mini-spa treatments, celebrating the expansion to Hollywood where they really need it.

This doesn't end there.  Free classes will continue through-out this week until Monday, June 9th.

Burn, Baby Burn.

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