Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Just for One Night Only, on Valentine's Day,

By Laura Medina

If impending Valentine's Night induces a full-on slaughter of migraine headaches due to the fact you have to dig through a series of bad blind dates and deal with full-blown nincompoops, all in the last minute.  God forbid, you're lucky enough to pick up a "Ted Bundy."

What about other nights and times and events, when you just want a decent date who doesn't make a complete fool of himself...and you!?

Why, as a very successful but busy woman, do you and your girlfriends have to bother with the digging and footwork when you all just want to have some capable companionship that keep you and your friends good company just for one night only?

Tinder for twenty-something "tweenies" just don't cut it.  You all have and had out-grown the "Sugar Daddy" phase because you all have moved onto the next level of "Sugar Mama."

What successful women need is a more mature, sophisticated methodology to just a date, no strings attached, no baggage.

Sometimes, you just need extra help, platonic professional, say you need a someone who can fix stuff around the house or an extra errand assistant who can proficiently carry out duties seamlessly?

Rent A Gent,, comes to the rescue to frazzled damsels in distress.

Women can now have a man of their dreams at their disposal, by their own rules. 

It's beyond a dating site flooding the market with fast bimbos and gold-diggers like most companion sites.  It does all the footwork and shopping for you, offering an assortment of gentlemen for all sorts of occasions, ranging from impending Valentine's Day to fast-approaching Oscar gala to just someone to hang out at the Lakers/Knickers game. 

“I noticed there was a lack of good looking, worldly and talented men available to women. Today’s modern women are looking for something different.  Now, with our position of power soaring, Rent A Gent finally offers a new level of male entertainment so women can greatly enhance their social lives.”

Rent A Gent boasts a wide ranging, exclusive assortment of sexy, smart, and sophisticated men for rent.  Women can browse through a curated selection of men offering their talents, company, and assistance, for the day, evening, or hour.

The founder, Sara Shikhman, a former corporate attorney and serial entrepreneur, a man needs a package of looks, charm, personality, and intelligence to quality as a date for successful women. 

Sara stocks Rent A Gent with a diverse selection of men who are both eye and brain candy, from cute comedians making a woman laugh for a pleasant night-out-on-the town to philosophers who will make a woman proud at her boss' function and gala. 

Rent A Gent thoroughly reviews each male applicant in person before they can be part of the service; afterwards each finalist is evaluated by a panel of women.  Users of the site can shop by degree completed, special talent, height, body type, language, and location to find their ideal man.  Rent A Gent’s men are available to cook a gourmet meal, dance, give a guitar lesson, play an instrument, be a personal trainer, assemble furniture, or just serve as fabulous arm candy at an event. 

After booking a gent online and selecting his service, users can choose his outfit to ensure he will look smashing. To add to customers complete security, Rent A Gent offers a complimentary consultant service so customers can speak directly with a representative. Detailed reviews from past clients are available, as are the gents' mini-resumes, pictures, bios, and special talents.  Rent A Gent is so confident in their services, they offer a money back guarantee if your gent doesn’t make you swoon. 
Sometime, as this scribe mentions before, you just need extra help, no strings attached.  Rent A Gent also supplies bodyguards, assistants, butlers, drivers, handymen, and personal assistants, which is really important now for New York Fashion Week then Oscar Week.

Forget those lackluster French lessons that you booked, the run of the mill cooking classes, or tiresome music lessons, Rent A Gent provides women with an exciting and stimulating way to learn new skills and enrich their social lives.


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