Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Lab Room, Tried and True Skincare Ingredients for Weary Winter Skin

By Laura Medina

For my Winter-weary readers whose face and body are weather-beaten and wind-chapped.

Here's a comforting skincare line that doesn't leave you guessing with state-of-the art molecules or exotic ingredients that reminds you of a spice rack.

Nope.  The Lab Room is a skincare concocted by Spaniard art historian, Mónica Ceño Elie-Joseph.  While working in Manhattan at MOMA and the Guggenheim, she and her skin yearned for something comforting and classic.  Studying for her Doctorate Degree, she would read up on time-tested botanicals and aromatherapy herbs that have been soothing skin and senses for ages.

Once she returned to Spain, Monica soon developed this skincare in a fun, multi-media spa in a high-tech setting, building a loyal following with Penelope and Monica Cruz, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lopez and Esther Cañadas, Robin Williams, Placido Domingo and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Her rose, lemon, orange, and geranium-scented creamy skincare line nourishes weary, dry skin and souls.  A great thing to have when facing blasting wind chills head on.

The Lab Room's Deluxe Facial Cleanser, based on cucumber, macadamia oil, and bitter cherry, gently clean and moisturize the face without stripping precious facial oil.  It also doubles as a painless eye makeup remover.

The Lab Room's Nourishing Face Cream, drenched in Bulgarian Rose and calendula, soothes dry, sensitive skin and lines around the parched eyes and lips.

Wind-chapped hands and fingers will gladly drink up the Nourishing Hand Cream.  The magnolia and lime semi-tropical scent will put a smile on Winter-weary faces.

For the rough patches on elbows and knees, the classical Deluxe Body Balm, rich in rose, shea butter, sesame, and mallow, softens and firms those chapped joints or anywhere on the body.

Despite its name, The Lab Room Skincare Line is nothing weird.  It's a classy, tried and true skincare that will never leave your dry, sensitive skin guessing, regardless of it's gray and cold or hot and dry.

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