Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hollywood's hottest "It" Girl is an UK Fashionista, Louise Roe

By Laura Medina

Recently, this past Saturday at Bloomingdale's Westfield Mall in Century City, Louise Roe-she replaced Elle Macpherson as the current of NBC' "Fashion Star"-showed her support for luxury shoe designer Ruthie Davis whose fans are Beyonce, Emma Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz and Lady Gaga.  They celebrated the launch of Ruthie Davis Shoe Collection at Bloomingdale's in Century City.  As the co-host, Louise is modeling a cream and black Naples pump in Toast.  The shoe collection is rich in architectural construction in luxurious materials in a vivid color palette.

In fact, this journalist-turned-tv host has been setting Hollywood ablaze.  This is her in a Ted Baker Attavia Maxi Dress with festive floral print in a light weight fabric for hosting duties at the Cotton 24-Hour Runway Show in Miami.

Here she is in Robert Rodriguez for Gemfields And W Magazine celebrating the launch Of Gemfields' New Brand Ambassador at West Hollywood's SoHo House...

Then, she's in BCBG MAX AZRIA Spring 2013 Runway dress with a BCBG MAX AZRIA harness for Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection.

For this past Golden Globes, Louise is holding a Farbod Barsum Leela Clutch in Bronze Ostrich Leg. 

Louise attending Rebecca Taylor's Fall 2012 Collection during New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 Shows back in September of last year.

It's apparent Louise's star is rising since she's in the current issue of "Allure" Magazine where, as one of the hottest taste-makers, was given a task of making pajamas street-worthy chic, go to http://www.allure.com/shopping/street-style/2013/pajamas-as-clothes#intro to read how she does it.

Louise is also in this month's issue of "New Beauty" Magazine (which happens to own a store inside Fred Segal Santa Monica) where she doles her own beauty tips and hints...

How would you describe your anti-aging philosophy?I'm open to trying new products. I think at-home peels and facials are incredible nowadays and will hopefully completely eliminate the need for facial surgery.
What are your secrets to such great skin?I'm strict about always washing off my makeup and applying serum, eye cream and night cream before bed. I also exfoliate about three times a week.
Is there anyone you would describe as your beauty inspiration?I'm an eyebrows girl, so the late 80s images of Brooke Shields and Yasmin Le Bon were—and still are— a massive inspiration. I cannot live without my eyebrow pencil!
What are some of your must-have products?Maybelline Great Lash Mascara—I have used it forever and it just works. Maybelline FIT Me! Foundation—it's thin enough to not clog pores and has SPF in it too, which is very important. Benefit Erase Paste gets rid of my under-eye circles when I'm tired. Luzern Pure Cosmeceuticals serum is great for making the skin gleam and DNA Phyto Collagen Night Creme is like a drink of water for my skin.
What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever gotten?The face is not a Christmas tree. Decorate either the lips or eyes, not both.
What beauty advice would you offer to others?Learn how to apply false lashes; it completely opens up the face.
What are some of your favorite hair-care products?Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo is great to get bed-head second-day hair, Bumble and bumble Surf Spray (my fiancĂ© steals it from me) and Suave Professionals shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair very thick and shiny, which I love.  
How do you stay in such great shape?I am probably not as fit as I should be! I try to take a reformer Pilates class a few times a week and in the winter I love to ski as much as possible. I like to eat a lot, but I do like to eat healthily. For breakfast I love crunchy organic peanut butter on pumpernickel toast. Lunch is usually a shrimp or chicken salad and I'll make turkey burgers, a vegetable curry or fish and green ‘veg’ for dinner. 
What foods are your weaknesses?Dim-sum, frozen yogurt, gin and tonics.

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