Monday, March 4, 2013

Marc Jacobs' movie debut in "Disconnect!"

By Laura Medina

Fashion designer, Marc Jacobs, makes his film & acting debut in the upcoming dramatic thriller by director Henry Alex Rubin, " DISCONNECT!" opening in select theaters on April 12th, 2013!  It's Marc, on the right, in his role as Harvey, who runs an internet porn site for minors.

He describes his character as a father-figure/crime ring leader in charge and exploiting wayward kids in Entertainment Weekly.

For this fight scene, Marc actually trained with a stunt coordinator in doing it correctly without injuries. 

The biggest shock was seeing his fashionably-jaded staff watching him come of the costume trailer in not-so-fashionable "dad jeans" and suburban/urban plaid shirt-very un-Marc Jacobs. 

Now, don't get this idea that Marc is going to get all-movie star and dump fashion.

He was really shocked by the early and long hours, being out in the elements, and fueling on cheap, junk food.  Marc said this was the first and last time he'll be acting.  However, it was a good experience for him.

Marc is making his big screen debut along side: Jason Bateman, Frank Grillo, Paula Patton, Alexander Skarsgard, and Max Thieriot.

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