Monday, April 18, 2011

A new type of BFF, HoodBuddie with Built-In Headphones

By Laura Medina

Celebrities downloading& winding down: Left, "The Bachelor's" Vienna Girardi, Meghan Fox & Katie Holmes.

Ever get tangled up in your headphone cords while jaunting around in your favorite, comfortable hoodie? Tired and weary of jamming your fist in your pockets to keep your Iphone or MP3 from falling out?

HoodieBuddie eases that problem. It is a hoodie with built-in headphones.

With the main cord stitched in the zipper lining, this discreetly and neatly connects your player to your ears without the cord dangling out, getting in your way. This instructional video demostrates how to wear your HoodieBuddie ,

As soon as you put on the hoodie and/or zip it up, put the player in the right front pocket where the plug-in jack is located. Once you find it, plug it into the player. Now, the player is safely nestled in the front pocket and securely hooked into the hoodie.

Instead of getting all tangled up in external headphones and cord, they are snuggly ensconced and sewn into the the zipper lining and drawstrings. The drawstrings are the cords. The ends are the headphones. One less hassle to contend with. While adjusting the coziness of your hoodie, you can adjust the length of the cord while you have the headphones already secured into your ears.

If you fallen in love with your lightweight, cotton jersey HoodBuddie so much, it must be time to freshen it up. It's machine washable friendly. Toss it in cold water at 50 degrees. Yes, the headphones are washable.

However, DO NOT TOSS IT IN THE DRYER. The heat will melt the plastic headphones and cord, and the input jack. DO AIR DRY, out on the laundry line under the sun or in the garage or in the bathroom.

For such a high-tech and luxury item, it's easily attainable at $44. Royal/T carries the entire line for both women and men at its gallery shop until May 11th, or online at

Now, you can wash and wear all you want.

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