Thursday, April 7, 2011

Military School Girl Hip by Susan Bessire

By Laura Medina

Susan Bessire

Susan Bessire is a quintessential Los Angeles designer, mixing the hipster uniform elements of military salvage gear with the craftsmanship of asymetrical tailoring while stretching and warping the boundaries of leather.

Yet, when composed together, the effect is edgy school girl rock.

The army green, wool military band jacket with asymetrical double-breasted lapel and wrap miniskirt with white piping has this jaunty innocence about it.

The ease of the sweater dress is injected with a screen print of a guitar.

The black cardigan with ruffle trim and the slouchy cargo may appear edgy afar but up close, looks wearer-friendly.

The maxi dress with a draped, asymetrical slit is about as edgy as it gets.

For all her edginess, Ms. Bessire constructed a hip but school-friendly collection for the high school girl who wants to stand out without being kicked out.

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