Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aaahh, A Spa for Your Face, MyPurMist

By Laura Medina
Ever find filling your sink, with hot water for a steam facial, a waste of precious water and money? Having to splash and carry a burning bowl of boiling water a hassle? Worse, risk burning yourself by leaning over a boiling pot of water on the stove...and your nose is still irritated. Your sinuses are puffed shut. Your ears are aching while your throat is raw; and the steam haven't made a dent in your pores. There must be an easier way. There is...MyPurMist. It's handheld humidifer with a screwed-on, pliable facial mask that steams warm, moist vapors directly into your nasals, the sinuses, the ear canals, and the throat. Using a small amount of water with adjustable temperature settings, MyPurMist is an easier and quicker way to alleviate allergies and the cold. The dewy moisture lightly and evenly coats the dry and irritated membranes while the humidity melts the mucus and the wax away for an easier clean-up. You don't have to be sick to use MyPurMist. It's really great for singers in warming up their vocal cords. Rather than sipping honey and tea, all they have to is gently inhale then breathe out to warm up. The same tissue from the sinuses are the same tissue as the vocal cords. In other words, if your sinuses are comfortable, your cords are stronger and clearer since the mucus dragging down the cords have melted away. Again, the singer will hear clearer as well, since the ears are clear of wax. What a confidence boost. Ok, having personal tried MyPurMist, it is fun to use as it is relaxing, aaahhh. If you take the mask off the face then hold it a few inches away, in front of the face, you will have an easier and more direct steam facial to loosen up the grit, grim, and gunk out of the pores. No more spilling boiling water all yourself. There might be a brush attachment for a steam exfoliation, further down the line, for a gentler scrub but a simple puff of steam is just as good. MyPurMist is the spa you can take anywhere...aaahhhh.

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