Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fling by Alan Del Rosario's Burlapp

By Laura Medina
What a misnomer, there is nothing burlap about Alan Del Rosario's line or anything heavy and protective for Fall 2011. Actually, it is a pretty delightfully ready for Spring and Summer soirees, ready to wear right around the corner. It's girly without being saccharine. It's lighthearted without being silly. It's mature but it never shows its age. Mr. Del Rosario's line is like the show, "Sex and the City," consistently pretty in perpetual Spring. The knee-high cocktail dress length makes the collection youthful but the black and white overlays, black and cream lace, and floral prints lends an angle of ladylike elegance. The hot numbers are the jewel-toned satin dresses which makes them more eveningwear while the black and white numbers are great for the new generation for the ladies-who-lunch set. The sexiest number is ironically the cute and modest one, the raspberry satin dress with the cap sleeves. The v-neck shows the right amount of collarbone without plunging too deep. The bodice gives the torse and bust some shape. The color blue is the bold color to watch out for, in a strapless, rosette dress with a double belt. A sassy number. The black-on-black tulle top and full skirt is a standby closet classic. A heirloom to pass onto the kids and grandkids. The sportiest one is the one that is the most ready to set sail for Spring. The red, white, and black dress with the multiple keyholes forming a clever neckline petal. The pickering stripes of red, white, and black makes it nautical but the keyholes makes it so right for the yacht yet special enough to smash out of everyone else's french sailor tops. Alan Del Rosario's Burlapp is too nice to be called that. It is nice enough to wear now through Labor Day.

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