Sunday, December 19, 2010

Glitzy Gifts for the Glam Girl

By Laura Medina

2010 Vespa LX 150, left & 2009 Vespa GTV 250, right.
What to give for the girl, you assume has everything?
Glamorous gals may have a closet full of designer denim, drawers full of day tops, and a medicine cabinet crammed with makeup but they still need stuff that are both fashionable and functional.
Gilt. com is selling these pair of Vespas at a reasonable discount for the Glam Girl on the Go.
These stylish and zippy but gas mileage sensible motor scooters are easy to handle yet gets you in and out of traffic. is selling the 2010 Vespa LX 150 is selling for $3,740, instead of the normal $4,736 and the 2009 Vespa GTV 250 at $5,520, not the average retail of $7,236.
Your Glam Gal would squeal if she sees one of these under the Christmas tree.

To complete her riding gear, you can give her a complete set of sequinned tank tops and shorts from Cynthia Rowley.
To really get her gear up, she can dress up her skinny jeans and knee-high boots by topping them with one of these glittering tanks underneath a sleek, black motorcross leather jacket.
For good luck in avoiding mishaps, you can toss the Koi Necklace for good luck.

A Glam Girl on the Go is not complete unless she has an emergency tool box. You can supply her with tools from Cynthia Rowley, dressy but not damsel-in-distress.
Now, she's really to roll.

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