Friday, December 3, 2010

A Galaxy of Stars stormed Divine Design Gala's red carpet for Project Angel Food

By Laura Medina

That night's Honoree, Kelly Osbourne speaking with Rocco G. of Fashion News Live and David Arquette chatting with CNN.

After nineteen years running, Project Angel Food's Divine Design Gala is now a well-established holiday tradition in the City of Angels. Their glamorous Gala initiates their fabulous Divine Design Sale that commences the holiday season in Los Angeles.

In this current economic climate, warm-hearted celebrities from entertainment and fashion showed up to provide tremendous support for people who needs Project Angel Food more than ever.

As this year's "Women of Style" Honoree, Kelly Osbourne was truly touched by the honor-and what the charity consistently does every year, every month, and every week.

"It's a real honor for me. I've been excited for this event for a very long time...Not just because of the award but for what this charity does."

"The awareness it brings, the support, it give for people suffering with terminal illness, not just AIDS, but from cancer as well, which is very, very fabulous."

"They make 13,000 meals a week. I was in the kitchen this morning. I was up really early morning out there."

"I knew what they did but I never realized the quality of the food and how much they put into it and the nutritional value of every meal and how they design it for each person. It's just fantastic."

Debi Mazar discusses the importance of Project Angel Food in this day and age.

"Project Angel Food is so relevant in this day and age. We have forty-five million people who are dealing with domestic hunger in our own country....People are cutting between WIC and food stamps,...there's isn't enough for their babies' formulas, force to cut it in half."

"Hence, you know, babies are not being well-nourish. The sick are left not to be well-nourish because they cannot afford their food. Organizations, like these are very important."

"I'm a cook myself. I feed the homeless. I'm very happy to be here in honor of what their mission is, tonight and to respect friends of mine who I lost to AIDS...A lot of people can't afford health care and they can't afford food. When you're sick, you don't want to cook. In order to get better, you need your nutrients so, it's very important."

In regards to Project Angel Food and attending events such as the annual holiday Gala, "It's a loving organization. It's non-profit. All the proceeds go directly to the people. It's about getting the word out there and educating people."

Peter Gurski, Project Angel Food Board Member and Divine Design Co-Chair.

The person who can really bring it home and reinstate the charity's importance during this current economy is Peter Gurski, Project Angel Food Board member and Divine Design Co-Chair.

"More relevant than ever in this climate. Even though there are more modern medicines for who are sick, people develope an immunity to all sorts of drugs. Especially in this economy, when they get sick, they rely more on us because we don't charge for meals. We cook and deliver them. Frozen food program...we give clients a whole week's worth of meals all at once or daily. We offer breakfast options. We feed the kids if they're sick. We cover the whole spectrum now. We take care of people who are sick from AIDS, cancer, and other life-threatening diseases."

David Meister, fashion designer, being interviewed by CNN.

To wrap this up, long-time supporter and loyal contributer to Divine Design Sale and Project Angel Food supporter, fashion designer, David Meister reminds folks how important the charity is today and how great the charity sale is in supporting the organization.

Pondering on how Divine Design Sale and Project Angel Food changed over the nearly twenty years,..."Especially with any AIDS-related charities, it kinda dwindled away. It's still here. It hasn't gone away."

As for doing your holiday shopping at Divine Design Sale's 50% to 90% off discounts..."It's still important we remember that. It's important to give back. It's a great cause. Everyone gets great deals, great shopping. All the money goes to such a great cause. All the proceeds go back to the cause. Amazing."

"They do such great work, Project Angel Food. It means a lot to these people having their food delivered."

"Been giving to Divine Design for five to six years...I really changed."

"I think it's just as important, always been such a pleasure."

If you want to jump into the joy without the guilt, shop this Saturday's 70% off sale, Sunday's 80% off sale, and the finale's 90% off sale on Monday, from fur to furniture to Kiehl's skincare.

Remember, every $5 dollars spent goes into cooking a meal to feed a sick person back to bouncing health.

Think of Divine Design as glitz without the guilt.

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