Monday, December 13, 2010

Dita Von Teese wants to share her "My Private Cointreau Coffret" with you for the Holidays

By Laura Medina

Dita Von Teese toasting the launch of her "My Private Cointreau Coffret" & Book Signing.

Last Thursday, December Ninth, burlesque queen, Dita Von Teese celebrated the debut of her exquisite liqour chest especially designed for the bombshell in mind, "My Private Cointreau Coffret" with help from French orange liqour cordial, Cointreau, at Ron Robinson/Fred Segal.

In synchronicity with the holidays, Ms. Von Teese also was there to autograph her first book, "Burlesque and the Art of the Teese/Fetish and the Art of the Teese from three years ago. It was reissued just for her treasure box.

To complete the set, she was also signing her latest book, "Dita: Stripteese."

Only Ron Robinson in Los Angeles and New York are the only two locations selling this set.

Why Ron Robinson? A few miles down the road on Sunset Boulevard, Dita is hosting a three-nights engagement at The Roxy, a burlesque show that celebrities, not just the light-hearted festive spirit, but women of all shapes and sizes, the diversity of beauty.

For her, burlesque is not just titilation but empowerment for very feminine women who love to be glamorous-and revel in it.

In these days of being "casually sloppy for a relax feel," Ms. Von Teese says she was and still is being made fun of because she loves to dress up everyday."

Mostly ignorant folks cut her with comments of , "What?! You just walked off a movie set?" or "Why you so dressed up?"

Being chic and glamorous is her source of strength for her. She sees herself as a Champion of Glamour, everyday and everytime.

For her, it is, "Just keeping the faith...being sexy and you carry yourself. It's your attitude."

It is her integrity of being true to herself is what got her in the first place. She was a vanguard of burlesque when it was underground among a select group of fetish fans who grew then became high-end fashionistas frequenting Paris Fashion Week. As she follows them or they follow her, Ms. Von Teese develope and evolve to better fit their progress.

Her shtick or act is the now well-established of her sauntering, swimming, and striping in the bowl of a giant martini glass full of bubbles and golden sparkles.

The Parisan fashion set went crazy. Soon a bunch of spirit companies descend upon her to their pitch woman but none seems to be the right fit. Until, French cordial company, Cointreau expressed interest in her, her act, her image, and her mission. She, in turn, agree with their outlook and philosophy. They appreciate the same tastes and qualities in life. This is when she agreed to be their brand ambassador.

The Jewelry/Liqour Chest fit for a full-sized Cointreau Bottle and 2 cocktail glasses.

This is where the coffret comes in.

Cointreau approach her with the idea and the general, overall design.

Ms. Von Teese made it even more "special" with a glamorous bombshell in mind...and her needs when she is relaxing or entertaining in the privacy of her own home.

She transformed the plain, ordinary liquor chest into an upscale and ultra-womanly that is an unique combination of a cosmetic case, jewelry box, and liqour chest all-in-one. The top tier compartment nestles to protect a full-sized Cointreau Bottle and a pair of cocktail glasses. The middle and bottom drawers can hold everything a lady needs: makeup and jewelry. The lid opens up with a mirror.

In this deceptively frivilous chest box, Ms. Von Teese modernized it with functionality of making the liquor drawer do double duty for other uses while making the exterior streamlined.

Equating classiness with seductiveness, she not only keep the exterior lean and clean, she refused to make it "too trendy." No hot pinks.

With her having a say in the fabric, the trimmings, and the details, this elegant chest comes covered in pearlescent pink tones, soft silken fabrics, concealed side door, and a small golden key to store one's most intimate treasures and keepsakes.

As a vintage hunter, "Antiques used to be made with beauty in mind...It's tougher and more difficult to find something fabulous. Don't want it to be too typical. I want it to be sweet and luscious at the same time."

As for the modernity, "But didn't want it to be too retro. The modernity is to keep it streamlined. Don't load the exterior with too much details."

She is also promoting her treasure box and her books as a way to inform people who she is...

"I want people who don't know me or like me to know who I am and what I am...I just don't sign off on anything and brand it."

Which returns to knowing who you are, keeping your integrity, and keeping the faith...and never comform to somebody else's standards. Like Dita Von Teese and the mission of burlesque, you embrace your unique beauty that is of your own.

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