Monday, December 6, 2010

Fly right into the Holidays with Feathers, thanks to the "Black Swan."

By Laura Medina

"Black Swan" director, Darren Aronofsky must be a fashionista subconsciously.

Or else, he would not build a wardrobe around Fall's hottest trend which only gets stronger for the holidays...

Thanks to him, feathers, specifically ostrich feathers are dovetailing into a fashionista's quick and easy go to luxurious texture and material.

If you are all sequinned out or blitzed with bling, feathers are the softer but no less sexy alternative.

The dark and moody take on the ballet world's severe standard of beauty and perfection reflects the current surge of sophisicated goth. Less riff on Rock n' Roll. More of a sonnet to elegance gone mad-but with quality.

At this time, Cynthia Rowley's feather tutus in inky ombre of blue and black or just plain black are easily within reach...and may be on sale soon after the holidays.

Juicy Couture offers their take on the ostrich feather mini in solid black and gray.

Both have elastic waistbands that can be easily adapted as tube tops. Therefore, you have two looks in one.

Now, fly right into the moment-without the stress.

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