Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's Family Night for the Heather Locklear/Richie Sambora Family at White Trash Beautiful

By Laura Medina
With the exception of Getty Photographs and WireImages, all photos by Felix Salzman of Lookbook LA.
Left, Daughter and White Trash Beautiful model, Ava, & mom, Heather Locklear.
People may joke about the extended nature of Los Angeles Fashion Week. Too long to be a week and too short to be a month, the lucky few who managed to survive to the hump day of LA Fashion Week were treated to the biggest bang of the period-Los Angeles Fashion Weekend by Mikey Koffman of The Gallery LA.

Proud dad, Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora, his daughter, Ava, and his fashion design partner, Nikki Lund, in White Trash Beautiful.

Midway between Geoffrey Mac Presentation at SkyBAR last and the unfortunate dismiss of LA Fashion Week Official, Los Angeles Fashion Weekend was the closest thing this city has to a fully functional fashion week, despite it was only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

However remember, it is the quality that counts and LA Fashion Weekend sure packed it in-with intensity.

Singer, Christina Milan.

Regardless of the three-ring circus chaos and the constant bustle and hassle among fashion runway photographers versus the paparazzi, LA Fashion Weekend delivered what it promised-the glitz, the glam, and the celebrities sprinkled over only-in-Hollywood Rocker Chic, thanks to Richie Sambora's and Nikki Lund's collaboration, White Trash Beautiful.

On Opening Night, Friday, Christian Milan set off the weekend with a performance after the swimwear runway show.

"The Girls Next Door" Bridget Marquardt on the red carpet and in the audience.
But LA Fashion Weekend saved the best for the last night, Sunday night.

Sunday's finale was Richie Sambora & Nikki Lund's White Trash Beautiful, reflecting the hottest trend in fashion, celebrating the uniqueness that runs against convention. Their line is the rock n'roll version of wabi-sabi.

A lucky girl sandwiched between "Species" Natasha Henstridge and Fashion News Live, Rocco G.

A-List fim and television stars showed up in support for fellow tv actress, Heather Locklear and her daughter, Ava, who happens to be modeling in her dad's, Richie Sambora, fashion show.

"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" Tatyana Ali and "Small House" Jodie Sweetin showed up for the fashion show.

While the celebrities located their seats and grinned for the cameras, Ava Sambora was backstage, getting ready for her turn on the catwalk.

Of course, mom, Heather Locklear, and dad, Richie Sambora, with business partner and White Trash Beautiful designer, Nikki Lund, sat in the prime middle rown to watch their daughter strut her stuff in Spring/Summer's breezy but tough collection.

The best way to describe White Trash Beautiful's Spring/Summer 2011 Collection is this...when California Bohemian Girl moves out of the calm confines of Malibu over the hills to the Sunset Strip in Hollywood then toughens up her caftans then glitterize her tunics.

The easy construction and the soft fabrication still exists but the colors have brighten or darken or she coated it in sequins.

Left, rainbow striped one-shoulder maxi dress. Right, lilac sequin sari over black leather leggings.

There is one item that anyone can adapt into their current Fall wardrobe now then extend into Spring...the black leather crop jacket.

Nikki Lund intrepret it in a shawl or a shrug with braided detailing but always in black leather.

Left, you top it over a ruby red satin halter top or dress. Middle, over trapeze silk camisole and shorts. Right, over a triangle bikini top and leather shorts.

Another trend is the use of dusky and desert colors or inner-city, street colors of smoky plums, brown, smeared gray, and taupe in fine fabrics then roughed up for that worn-in patina.

Think of the rocker classic of smoky eyeshadow and liner in beige, brown, and black.

Left, reaching in the Beatles' closet for the Military Band jacket is the "It" jacket of the year.

Right, flowing wrap blouse with bell sleeves in ombre of smoky brown and taupe.

Shorts and black leather leggings grounded this collection.

Ava Sambora recovering from a near spill on the catwalk.

The audience drew grasps when Ava Sambora nearly fell while taking a twist at the end of the catwalk in tottering mules.

Agile and quick, she soon regained her balance and forget the twist then walked off triumphantly.

A daughter of two celebrities is a kid like any other kid or tween. They have their awkward moments too. It is all how you react and carry it off that matters.

After the models parade down the runway, Nikki Lund and Richie Sambora came out for the finale of LA Fashion Weekend, in blowing confetti.

Sure, with each success and growth, there are growing pains. As in when local Los Angeles television station, KTLA (Channel 5 in Los Angeles) have to duke it out for space on the media riser with the New York Post, the LA Times, E!, and Entertainment Tonight's "The Insider" for that precious center shot. The outside outlets were really excited about catching Hollywood, the rock stars, the film and tv stars, and the sexy, Hollywood hipster clothes.

Hopefully, with each new growth spurt, there is a sense of maturity in managing the national and the local news outlet for a more graceful but no less glamorous fashion weekend.

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