Thursday, October 7, 2010

Setting Sail, Nautica Spring/Summer 2011

By Laura Medina

We are all relieved that Summer's heat wave and the last burst of Indian Summer are now behind us but there are some items we can look forward from Nautica's Spring/Summer 2011 Collection.

We can daydream about their insulated windbreakers and boardshorts on deck...but with crewneck sweaters.

Truth to be told, Nautica's upcoming Spring/Summer 2011 Collection is downright flexible. Mixing the cold with the warm, safari jackets paired with bermuda shorts. Autumn layering of button-down shirts, ties, flannel/plaid overcoats/cable knit cardigans...over bermuda shorts.

The focus is more on the transitional seasons of Fall and Spring, than the extreme seasons of Winter and Summer.

Nautica really wants their customers to maximize their closets year-around, making the bermuda shorts the new foundation clothing.

It is paired with everything, with the preppy sailor in mind, hence Nautica.

The collection suggests a yacht club member who is a permanently docked at the pier.

But, he is no beach bum. He still needs a patchwork madra blazer for the yacht parties and a plush knit, military jacket and a classic striped Breton Sailor top redone in a shawl-collared pullover.

They're accessories to his closet mainstays of top-siders, deck shoes, and espadrilles...and bermuda shorts or board shorts in subtle shades of mauve-gray, gray, navy, and khaki.
The only thing missing are socks but he has an array of neckties and bow ties to pick from.
This presentation arrived just in time for "True Prep," the revamped and updated version of the "Preppy Handbook."
One thing that is good about the change from traditional runway shows with their strict seating hierarchy to the more egalitarian, free-for-all standing room-only presentations or installations where models pose as art work while attendees snap away, gawk in awe, or schmooze, is the glorious lunch buffet.
Fashionistas enjoy the collection while munching on tea sandwiches, scones, gooey brownies, delicious tarts, and sip an array of wine and bubbly mineral water or load up on Coke to regain vivre for the on-coming shows later that day.
Fashion celebrity dandy and Bravo reality star, Patrick McDonald, made an appearance.
It was a pleasant presentation ending with a pleasant lunch.
Not a bad change at all.

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