Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tokidoki, the next level on the time and space of the Japanese Superflat Continuum

By Laura Medina
A Tokidoki Girl on the big screen-on the ceiling and the wall in the big tent
You know how there are certain moments in life where time, place, and people intersect in the cosmic continuum simultaneously, all for the same reason when each particular individual just happens to think of the one and same specific goal or wish then they collide into a super nova.
This all concurred on 7965 1/2 Melrose Avenue in Hollywood on a Thursday night.

Tarina Tarantino, left, and Pooneh Mohajer-Arnold, right, all in hot pink
This was how Tokidoki was born.
Pondering what to call his graph online portfolio, this Japanese Kawaii Superflat fan and Takashi Murakami admirer, Simone Legno named it, "Tokidoki," Japanese for "sometimes."
This pretty sums up this ex-punk rock Italian bassist's philosophy, how eventually the right person or people with the right purpose and intention will find you then they will set you on the right path in the right direction.
Tokidoki designer, Simone Legno, left, with Nicky Hilton holding her autographed Karl Lagerfeld Tokidoki doll.

Pooneh and her husband, Ivan, felt the same way. She calls it "happenstance." She found the trip from magically discovering a graphic artist online to becoming a cool and affordable global brand, surreal.

After selling Hard Candy Cosmetics with her sister, Pooneh and Ivan went on several consulting gigs with major cosmetic brands but eventually were itching to start a brand in a new field in a new direction.

Ivan was just browsing the web one night when he called Pooneh to come out and see this guy's Superflat-inspired art work. She just screamed an eureka moment when she caught glimpse of Simone's work.

They convinced him to move from Rome to Los Angeles. The move made him even more glamourous, more edgy, more sexy.

In homage to Japanese Pop Culture, central bar with cherry blossoms.

With the right experience and connections, they grew from super affordable $5 tee-shirts to this lifestyle brand, encompassing figurines, skateboards, a LeSportsac luggage, a limited edition Smashbox Cosmetics line, and collaborations with Levi's, Hello Kitty, and Karl Lagerfeld.

Simone is just thrilled he is following in the footsteps of his idol, the progenitor of Japanese Pop Art-and an Andy Warhol freak himself-Takashi Murakami.

He calls designers and artists like himself, the progenies of Murakami, the second wave of the Superflat iconography.

Aware of the Murakami reference, Pooneh is not afraid to state, that despite the growth of Tokidoki, they still want to keep everything affordable and approachable for the average Tokidoki fan.

A new XBOX 360 game for stylistas

Watching his art work projecting on the walls and ceiling, signing a Karl Lagerfeld Tokidoki Doll for Nicky Hilton, sipping white wine, nibbling on Asian tapas, and gobbling frozen yogurt to his heart's desire, Simone felt this night, this moment in time, is meant to be.

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