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The Fantastical, the Functional, & the Frugal, Merry Cheers for all Budgets

Demeter Fragrances for the Holidays: Fireplace, Mulled Cider, and Gingerbread

Let's take the "tacky" out of tactful gift-giving this holiday season. Why not replace it with "thoughtfulness?"

Being on a constricted budget doesn't give a person the excuse to dole out blatantly broken-down rejects, dubious dowdiness, and the clearly cheap.

It's one thing to receive a beautiful holiday card that can double as an holiday ornament. It's another to receive a hand-me-down, regifting reject. Come on, your friends and family are smarter than that. Just because something is regifted doesn't qualify it as vintage or a heirloom or an antique.

Finding that thoughtful present that's also budget-friendly can be so daunting, it's enough to make a grown kid cry over the holidays.

Don't fret. The Arriviste is here to the rescue.

Since you know people are turning your Manhattan trip from a pure holiday into a shopping/import side business, you might as well enjoy the perks of being a tourist/buyer and dr0p by Duane Reade at tourist mecca, Herald Square on 34th Street and Broadway and stare in awe at the vast and very affordable Demeter Fragrances 90 Scents Library.

Each scent comes in a 1 ounce spray bottle in a reachable price of $14.99 a pop.

The founder and Demeter Fragrances' nose, Mark Crames, felt this is about time he takes his best-sellers from the Mount Olympus of exclusive and remote boutiques then bring his gifts back down to earth where mortal but die-hard fans of the brand can pluck their favorite scent in an approachable setting at a more attainable price.

Shoot, in a drugstore setting, your tween and teen kids-if they were paying attention-can even afford to buy you your beloved scent without smoking their Buxx cards.

Girlfriends and wives can buy the men in their lives, the smoky, not girly, Fireplace.

Mulled Cider can stock a sophisicate's stockings.

Gingerbread brings it back home for folks, even if they can't bake.

Clarisonic PLUSSkin Care System with Spot Therapy Brush and Skincare Collection, top middle
The pink and cute MIA Clarisonic, bottom left, & Clarisonic Boom for Men, bottom right

Stocking stuffers don't have to be stingy or ephemeral.

Small things can pack a wallop, like these super-efficient and very effective Clarisonic brushes for women and men and face and body.

If you have a tween or teen or a stressed-out adult child fretting over their encrusted break-outs, rosacea, and blackheads-hello? Holiday panic-here is a considerate gift that they can be actually be grateful for year-around and beyond.

After years of hearing the same complaints with no quick relief on the market, Dr. Robb Akridge, an esteemed dermatologist, teamed up the inventor of the Sonicare Toothbrush, to develope the ultimate facial brush to help loosen and brush off black/white heads and polish off acne scars and fine wrinkles while soothing rosacea-induced bumps and lumps.

Despite the obvious veneer of vanity, Dr. Akridge, insisted the most wonderful gift you can give to anyone is a great inner sense of self-confidence.

"As soon as you get that inner sense of confidence, you can project it back."

As a physican and a man, Dr. Akridge is wise enough to diverge and specialize for different markets with its own unique requirements.

The tiny but tough mini MIA in pink or white, is the gymnast of the Clarisonic Family. Meant for girls and women on the go, the MIA's one-button, one-speed, one-minute scrub cycle with compact pLink™ power link charger magnetically attaches to the handle and allows for a full 20 minutes of use.

It has multiple tricks and turns in a tiny package: gentle sonic vibrations cleanse deeply, clearing pores; reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; create softer, smoother skin; help reduce oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes; and are gentle enough for cleansing delicate skin every day.

The MIA is absolutely sporty, rechargeable brush is completely waterproof, making it perfect for use in the tub or shower. Brush heads are interchangeable with other Clarisonic skin cleansing models.

Can't forget the boys and men in your life, especially if they're in throes of puberty, acne and facial hair.

As a male, Dr. Akridge, suggesting using the Clarisonic Boom for Men as the ultimate shaving brush. With the gentle facial brush attachment and in addition of a salicylic acid cleanser, the Boom can whip one heck of a luxurious shaving foam as it loosens up in-grown facial hair knots off a male's face, making an easier shave.

If you want to win over a woman's heart, get the Clarisonic's deluxe Clarisonic PLUSSkincare with Spot Therapy Brush for a head-to-toe spa treatment at home. Now, that's a real beauty investment.

For facial cleansing simply choose between three speeds to prepare skin for better product absorption. With separate control buttons, changing the speed level is as simple as the touch of a button. Other Clarisonic PLUS features include customizable T-TIMER® settings as well as a charge indicator light which lets you know when your Clarisonic is getting low on power. The set also comes with the new Refining Skin Polish and an international charging cradle for worldwide use.

With new power settings and spot therapy brush head, the PLUS take deep cleansing beyond the face to care for the body. Simply swap your facial brush head with the new Spot Therapy Brush, and the Clarisonic PLUS automatically shifts to “spot” mode for areas like the décolleté, elbows, hands, arms and knees.

The gentle sonic vibrations cleanse deeply, clearing pores; reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; create softer, smoother skin; help reduce oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes; and are gentle enough for cleansing sensitive skin.

The capablitiy of using the Clarisonic in both shower and tub isn't enough and whipping up the PLUS's complete skincare collection of: Refining Skin Polish for the Body (infused with Acai Fruit Oil, Wine, Green Tea, and Bamboo); Gentle Hydro Cleanser for Sensitive Skin; Refreshing Gel Cleanser for Oily Skin; and Nourishing Care Cleanser for Dry Skin into a rich lather isn't enough, try this foot soak recipe inspired by a Manhattan fashion editor getting for her Paris Collection trip:

Fill a bowl with leftover, bubbly champagne. Toss in a couple of rose petals. Submerge your weary feets into the rosy champagne mix. Lift one foot. Rub Refining Skin Polish all your heel, toes, and sole. Message and soften with Clarisonic PLUS with Spot Therapy Brush. Dip your feet back into the champagne. Lift and pat foot softly. Repeat the steps with the other foot.

This columnist personally experience this simple chic pedicure, "first-feet," at the Christian Louboutin boutique in West Hollywood.

Do this for the loved ones in your life and they'll be really thankful.

Mémoire Liquide Reserve Edition Books Collection

If you're deseparate to impress the woman in your life, you can buy her a "book" of perfume now for Christmas or just check this out then wait for Valentine's Day, when you actually need something romantic.

Each one of these 5 exquisite perfumes is actually a story of scents.

Mémoire Liquide Reserve is a library collection of perfume, olfactorically describing a scene or a moment in time.

Vacances Liquide: The memory of a vacation on an idyllic tropical beach with warm, white sand and azure waves lapping the shorelineTiare Flower, Fresh Coconut Milk, and Tahitian Vanilla with Oceanic accords.

Soleil Liquide: The memory of warm sunshine on a dazzling, bright summer dayFresh Grapefruit, Tangerine, Blood Orange, and Neroli Flowers with Santal and White Musk.

Amour Liquide: The memory of exhilarating romantic love, at once soul soothing and breath taking Pure Madagascar Vanilla, Tonka Bean, and Incense.

Encens Liquide: The memory of gently wafting ceremonial incense in Japan, soft smoke trailing its mysterious and sultry veil. Soft Amber Resin, White Musk, Black Tea, and enchanting Hinoki Incense.

Among the industry, the liquid fragrance itself is called "the juice."

The juice is stored in a huge, heavy-duty square spray bottle that is gently nestled in it's own "book" with a matte, embossed label cover and gold pages.

Since the story is all about the juice, they replace the cheap gray plastic interior tube with an invisible polymer inside tube, focusing on the fragrant solution. Then, they top it off with a gold embossed cap.

Nothing says, "special," than a book of perfume.

In a round-about way, returns to the beginning. With little or some amount of money, you can help the loved ones build their own scent library over time with either Demeter Fragrances or a Mémoire Liquide Reserve Edition Book.

If they're not much into scents, you can give your love ones the greatest gift of all, self-confidence, with the Clarisonic Brushes.

Whichever way you choose, there's always something for someone at every budget.


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