Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Never Too Late for Rodarte for New Year and the Next Year

By Laura Medina

Sequin Rib Cage Dress in Black, $49.99
Striped Tee in White/Navy, $16.99
Lace Tights in Black, $12.99

It's official. Based from last night's Divine Design's Holiday Fundraising Gala, sequins are here to stay into the next year.

For first timers, it's Eighties Redux.

Target has come to the recessionista's rescue. Teaming up with Rodarte for a near one-month stretch, Rodarte for Target is mixing up twenty-first century sequins with late twentieth century punk rock black lace tights then tossing them into a reasonable, friendly collection priced from $12.99 to no more than $79.99.

Lace Bow Dress in Yellow Leopard, $44.99
Lace Tights in Black, $12.99

Glittery for New Year's but light enough to pull into Spring, even Summer, Rodarte for Target is a can't miss.

With early Madonna's black lace and tulle paired with denim jacket for those who yearns for the Eighties to the more edgy but elegant rib cage shift dress in black and white sequin that will be an automatic vintage piece, this collection has you covered for the next whole year.

Lace Cardigan in Mustard, $29.99
Lace Cami in Black, $19.99
Lace and Tulle Skirt in Mustard, $29.99
Bow Belt in Black, $12.99
Lace Tights in Black, $12.99
Launching just in time to shock your Chrismukkah system out of the garish composition of green and red felt and patchwork and whole lot more stylish than the melancholy gray and blue, this edgy-chic collection makes a statement that isn't a holiday one-note yet fashionably crafted to be uniquely one-off in lace and tulle dresses and skirts, leopard-print sequin frocks, netted legwear, silk camis and bow belts, making designer fashion available for all at a great value.
Because this is a limited edition, these pieces are meant to be special enough as vintage for the future so-hopefully-three girls won't show up at the party wearing the exact same outfit.
Unique couture at down-home prices.
Just in time for the holidays, the edgy-chic Rodarte for Target collection will launch in Target stores and on December 20 through January 31.

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