Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Sale is Absolutely Divine

By Laura Medina
Bravo's celebrity fashion stylist, Rachel Zoe
What used to be revolutionary, is now a holiday tradition, Project Angel Food's Divine Design Sale.
Paraphrasing long-time Project Angel Food member, "Will and Grace's" Eric McCormack, this is not your run-of-the-mill yard sale.
Among this writer and he, we both agreed this fundraiser and amazing discount sale is all about continuing dignity and respect through compassion towards people who needs the most.
The opening night gala, which is kicked off with a 50% discount that gradually lowers over a four-days span, is a red carpet gala and dinner attracting hot talent and stellar fashion celebrities, such as Rachel Zoe,
"Project Angel Food, I think is one of the most important organizations that we have, especially here in Los Angeles. I believe it’s been around for twenty years. I believe every city should have this.”
Absolutely. Project Angel Food's Divine Design Fundraising Sale and Event has been the forerunner of all the AIDS and cancer-driven charity sales for the holidays across the nation. However, it holds the distinction of being the few to afford 50% to 60% to 70% to 80% then to the rock-bottom discount of 90% off on the last and final day.
It's legendary for offering fabulous finds at 70% to 90% off, never been scuffed up sofas, dining tables, and fur jackets and coats. This a rare moment where everyone is happy. Shoppers find great gifts while designers donate overstock and the proceeds go directly into the charity feeding sick women and their children.
"Mad Men's" Joan Holloway aka Christina Hendricks

Nothing beats meeting the patron saint of curvy women everywhere than meeting Joan Holloway aka Christina Hendricks, in the flesh.

As a rising actor in Hollywood, she was always impressed by what Project Angel Food has accomplished and was touched to be invited as an honoree this year,

“This is an organization I’ve admired for a really long time. So, it’s really exciting to be here and have this fun event and contribute to such a great organization and help people out. It’s really fun. I’m very honored to be here.”

As for what’s going to happen on the next season of “Mad Men.”

She and her husband saw Matt Wiener the previous night. Not even the creator of "Mad Men" knows. Mr. Wiener told her he has a really great idea then asked her to give him a call the next morning then we’ll talk about it for two hours. Honestly, she doesn’t even know. “We all have to wait for the next season, six months from now.”

Once in a lifetime moment, Rachel Zoe, her assistant, Brad Goreski, chat it up with Christina Hendricks and her husband, Geoffrey Arend.

Once Rachel and Christina walked off the red carpet for the gala dinner and Barbie fashion show, Project Angel Food saved the most meaningful for last.

Dedicated committee board members, "Will and Grace's" Eric McCormack and his wife.

Looking back, Eric McCormack cannot believe how far he, his wife, and the organization has gone.

Wistfully reminiscing, he talked about hosting Divine Design Gala with Debra Messing, back when it was held at the Pacific Design Center. Proudly exclaiming, this year is their eleventh anniversary attending the event. They never miss it. He went to talk about how hard and how long his wife dedicated her time and energy to the organization, delivering hot, fresh, and free meals to terminally ill patients, to such a point that she is now a board member. Eric proudly calls her a "big wig."

As a loyal supporter, he was more than happy to bring it all home for people not familiar with the organization or what's going on with charities in general now a days.

With charities facing a tough year, Eric feels this particular night is crucial to Project Angel Food's mission in feeding and caring sick people.

He wants people to show up and shop $ 8 Millions dollars worth of fresh, unused merchandise gladly donated by clothing and furniture designers at unbelieveable discounts in a decent environment.

Eric cannot get over how the sale is set up and operated like a real high-end department store, Diane von Furstenberg, Steve Alan, and Yves Saint Laurent clothes neatly hanging on racks, Rebecca Moses plates neatly stacked, and pyramids of Rock n' Republic and Smashbox Cosmetics and Kate Somerville Skincare waiting to be snatched.

He proudly states these are not knock-offs, "not the broken down sh*t," one usual finds at ordinary charity sale but respectable products that funds dignity towards those who needs it the most.

Shoppers enjoy a catered buffet with gourmet treats and desserts.

A person doesn't have to be a celebrity to enjoy the holiday cheers. To kick off the sale, Project Angel Food served a catered buffet with gourmet cheese and crackers, fresh fruits, and yummy, trendy cupcakes and candies, all supplied by Pavillions Supermarket.

A free, full-serviced Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Cafe

Sponsors and donators, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, provided warm refreshments and pastries to endurance shoppers while offering their thermostats, teas, and coffee at fashionably low prices.

Project Angel Food has proven, consistently, that charity can be chic and fun for all, at totally low prices while feeding those with hot, nutritious meals so they can be healed.

Now, this is holiday cheer.

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