Monday, November 2, 2009

Super Exclusive Party for the biggest Halloween Carnival in the world

Photos & Reporting by Laura Medina

Charleston, SC fashion designer, Julie Wheat celebrating Halloween at LASC's Rooftop Party
It's not just local West Hollywood, California residents who flooded Santa Monica Boulevard for Halloween.
250,000 people from Las Vegas, from the greater state of California, the West Coast and all over the West Coast descended upon West Hollywood's Halloween Carnival, making it the biggest holiday in the country, rivaling that of Manhattan's Greenwich Village's.

Hunky '70's Guy
Diverging from it's Pagean roots, Halloween has transformed into the world's biggest fashion show, where undiscovered talents sprung once a year.
Making this a great trend-spotting event.

Willy Wonka

Los Angeles Sports Club was kind enough to open their rooftop, decked with bartenders, cabanas, and a concert stage to celebrate the holiday with loyal patrons and fashion professionals, watching the procession three stories up.

Edward Sissorhands

Johnny Depp was a constant influence, from Willy Wonka to Edward Sissorhands.
Swiss Miss and Marie Antoniette
The Rocco Eighteenth Century was a classic.

1700's Gentlemen

Beyond the banyans and the hoop skirts, humor run rampant.

Party-goers tip-toeing as kissing booths, Tron characters, people fanning out as peacocks and flashy, mirrored costumes.

The more glamourized the party becomes, the more world-reown it grows.

Three stages on the street. One stage on the rooftop.

A burlseque side show and a DJ/rapper upstairs.

A roving Marvellettes and locally celebrated DJs from the Roosevelt Hotel from Hollywood.

The people wave their freak flag, the more the humanity and generosity came out.

Get your parking early, because this party is only getting bigger.

See you next Halloween!

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