Sunday, November 22, 2009

Male Camouflage

By Laura Medina

Richard Paul Anderson, Perfekt Beauty's Founder/President, applies under-eye concealer
Suffering from weary skin? Need color without the pinks, the reds, and peaches? Have no idea what to do with fluffy brushes and squishy sponges?
Former Bobbi Brown and YSL cosmetic artist, Richard Paul Anderson, needed something easy and efficient to revive his face without logging around gallons of potions and lotions through the airport.
Of course, being environmentally-conscious as well as efficiency-conscious, he mixed up the original batch of Perfekt Skin Perfection Gel as a time-saver and a skin-saver in his house up in the Hollywood Hills, four years ago.
As a weary road-warrior, he wanted a facial corrector for busy women and men like himself, that gives people that flawless "Photoshop" skin in a light-weight, grease-free yet soft texture in a pinch.
His intent was differentiate his gel-to-powder from traditional water and oil-based foundation that covers and lays over the epidermis.
Whereas with his gel, Anderson packed antioxidants to minimize redness, pores, shine, and eases the edges of fine lines and bumpy zits.
Richard's Perfekt Eye Perfection Gel you roll up like a toothpaste tube
Anderson calls his facial camouflage, "slap n' go."
Where a man can squirt a pearl-sized dot, rub and spread to warm up the formula then pat and slap it on like aftershave.
Right off the bat, he purposefully packaged and sized the pumps and tubes no more than Transportation Security Administration's approved three ounces and less for dash and run skin care.
No girly sponges. No frilly brushes. Just use your fingers and hands.
He carries an one ounce pump in his truck and drops another in his luggage whenever running from airport to airport.
Anderson figured he makes people's lives easier if he makes the facial corrector wallet-friendly and space-friendly, this highly concentrated gel acts as a primer, foundation, and tone corrector in one that dries into a soft, matte finish, without the cakey appearance.
It's a rare gel-to-powder formulation.
Since he bundled a load of beneficial, pure Vitamins A and E and Alpha Lipoic Acid in his formula, it is not diluted with water nor pumped up with parabens, waxes, talc, petrochemicals, and mineral oils. It is quicker delivery and results with less waste and packaging in light finish.
With all these fancy, technically-advanced ingredients, Anderson's purpose is to make his camouflage-slash-corrector look clean and healthy and easy to use.
Testing it out, sitting in his car during traffic, Anderson makes sure it's just "slap and go" skincare that you don't have to think about and the durability does not smear on your shirt collar.
The male customers love this for it's easy application and that the fact that their skin looks like "skin" but healthier. No rogue, no blush, no sticky gloss or eye liner involved.
The "no-makeup" look. He wants his formula to look like skin, nothing "girly."
Men are even bigger fans of the quicker, easier magic bullet of the Eye Perfection Gel to hide those dark, sagging bags underneath the eyes.
The cucumber-enriched formula with the cooling platinum tip shrinks up the puffiness. The peptides and hyaluronic acid pump up the fine lines with hydration while building collagen. The ceramides traps in the moisture.
Roll up the eye gel tube from the bottom up, like toothpaste. Squirt out a tiny dab then draw from the outer eye corner to the inner corner then spread it out over the circles and lines for a more awake look.

Perfekt Body Perfection Gel

His second product is the Body Perfection Gel where you can smooth on some color on the rest of your body, freeing your legs from pantyhoses, bronzers, and mess self-tanners.

For this, Anderson loaded a wallop of shea butter and hyaluronic acid into this moisturizing yet transfer-resistant bronzer, just like the facial corrector gel itself.

Slap plain water on it, the bronzer stays. Add cleanser and soap, it will slide right off.

Another being a hit with makeup artists on "Ugly Betty" (Vanessa Williams uses Skin Perfection Gel in Rich), "Gossip Girl", and "One Tree Hill," it sells healthy in sweat-drench, humid areas such as Puerto Rico.

"Dream Girls" makeup artist uses Perfekt Skin Perfection Skin on top of Jennifer Hudson's usual makeup to enhance it.

Richard Anderson never set out to add garish bells and whistles but deliver a minimal, beneficial, multi-tasking corrector that enhances the skin that can endurance life's hustle and bustle without sweating off.

It's not makeup. It's a gel that looks like skin-healthy, clean skin in a squirt.

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