Monday, November 2, 2009

Designer/MultiMedia Showcase, Project Ethos

Photos & Interviews by Laura Medina
Cow Girl Couture
During the interview the day before the show, Mr. Peskin said the intention was to be what Gen Art was at its inception fifteen years ago, when they truly went out of their way to discover then promote emerging talent in art, fashion, and music but unearthing them with a Millennial/ Gen-Y methodology through Facebook and YouTube.
Calling his festival, “Ethos,” as representative of an era’s zeitgeist, he is proud to call his concept as an incubator of talent and a launching board for careers.

House/Hip Hop Band, The Electrolightz

Moving to The House of Blues from Hollywood and Vine was a step-up. Mr. Peskin wanted a classier venue to appropriately present the showcase in the heart of the Sunset Boulevard’s entertainment/media industry, shining the spotlight on the artists for the proper exposure to the management they need to advance.

Sensing the disrespect towards Los Angeles-based fashion, Mr. Peskin felt this was the right time to stage this media event, right in the middle of fashion week to suitably display the fashion talent that this town has to offer and the potential impact it has on the global fashion industry, especially in the trendy sportswear sector.

Painting by artist, Terry Kim

Mr. Peskin always held artists in high regards, not surprising that he is the product of two artists.

His mother is a photographer and his father is a musician who worked with the likes of Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones.

Thus, being a promoter comes naturally to him.

What started out as a straight-forward fashion show for a fashion designer who brought in artist friends, in August 2005, mushroomed into a media circus that many has been copied many times over.

To give the talent the respect that it deserves, Project ETHOS is run like a corporation. Mr. Peskin is the CEO who delegates to his Directors of Art, Fashion, and Music for their expertise and guidance. This is why its events are smoothly run and organization is polished.

GoCi Gown

Mr. Peskin is kind enough to think about all the undiscovered talent out there who cannot afford to travel to Los Angeles.

His next step for his company is to bring the show to you wherever you are in the country.
He and his Directors of Art, Fashion, and Music truly go out of their way to hunt and discover talent through word-of-mouth buzz, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube.

Or, you can simply go to’s homepage, click “Apply Now,” then up load your photos, drawings, and music. The succeeding process is review and evaluation among the team then finally inviting the talent for the next show.

Keep your eye out. You will never know.

Project ETHOS might be coming to your town soon.

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