Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hot Spanish Fragrances at Dillard's for Christmas

Hot Spanish Fragrances Arriving at Dillard's
Just in time to warm up the holidays' cold, dark Winter nights are the official debut of current and modern Latin colognes and perfumes from Spain, reflecting that nation's modernity and reawakening.
Long dominated by Italian fragrances, these scents are coming into their own.
Spain is hot right now.
Thanks to portion-control but fun munchy tapas bars, the exuberant Chef Jose Andres, Woody Allen's "Cristina Barcelona,"and PBS' foodie travel show, Mario Batali's and Gwyneth Paltrow's "Spain...On the Road Again," Americans are rediscovering the mother land of all Latin countries, Spain.
People may have eased into Latin culture through Mexican/South/Central American language, culture, and cuisine then popular entertainment. But, now, it is Spain's time to shine.
If Americans know the differences between its Mother land of England, it's time for us to know Spain on its own terms.
What a best way to do this than to spritz deep woodsy traditional colognes from Jesus Del Pozo and Roberto Verino, two of Spain's premier fashion designers.
Christmas is the official launch for these designers.
The warm orange with the crispy steel note of Mardarina Duck is good enough to share between a couples.
The glamourous golden Tous Touch with the gold bear stopper can make any woman in your life feel special.
The good thing about perfumes and cologne, they're gifts that are trend-resistant and they make great heirlooms to pass down from generation to generation.
We, in the Southeast, are lucky enough to be the first region in the United States to sample Spanish Modernity at a reasonable price.
Contact your local Dillard's and take a whiff.

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