Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fashionably Fair, Panache Without the Price Punch

By Laura Medina
December 6, 2008

Sitting in the shadow of the monolithic Beverly Center Mall, a hidden gem. No wait, a powdery blue jewel box of an haute contemporary boutique stocked with avant-garde, European-influenced but wearable easy-breezy tops and subtly sexy dresses waiting to be discovered.

The tops and coats are so well-designed in luxurious fabrics that they’re stand alone pieces that can simply dress up a pair of dark denim jeans and slingbacks without piling on the glitz.

The tops don’t top at $100. Most are in the double digit figures.

It’s instant panache without the price punch.
Hazel's accordion pleated "Carmen Ruffle Wrap Top" in black georgette crepe
The dresses never bust at $150. In fact, there are black jersey wrap dresses waiting to drape a real woman’s voluptuous figure at a friendly price tag of $49. It hides the lumps while hugging and highlighting the curves. Not only is it wallet-pleasant, the jersey knit dress is carry-on durable.
If you have a last-minute trip to Miami’s Art Basel, doing an event in Las Vegas, or coordinating a black-tie but hip New Year Eve's gala-and you have nothing stylish to wear-and you’re on a holiday budget. Joseph Walker has the dresses, the tops, and the pieces to glamorize any woman in the eleventh-hour for under a $100.

Yes, there is an actual designer name Joseph Walker, sketching, designing, and sewing his elegant but approachable collections for his namesake store.

In between, he hunts for one of a kind but delectably tasteful pieces in fake lamb fur and season-less silk/linen tops that will last for a whole year from singularly fashion-forward brands like Hazel and Trinity.

Interior of Joseph Walker where you can lounge and relax

As a contemporary womenswear designer, Mr. Walker definitely has his finger on the pulse, offering the hottest pieces at rational price from up and coming brands in a soft, relaxing atmosphere, easy on the senses.

His jewel box of a shop buffers the shopper from West Hollywood’s hustle and bustle on Beverly Boulevard.

He knows in this mass-produced age, people want a personalized boutique experience, catering to their needs and wants.

You can even drop by and say, “Hi,” to his mascot.

As a designer, Mr. Walker knows how much it costs to buy fabric and source manufacturing –and he refuses to be greedy. He really cares about the customer.

What the customer sees is what she gets and what price she sees is the real cost of the garment.

No top over $100. No dress reaching $150.

Mr. Walker is proud to state he is the most affordable boutique out there than Forever 21. He does not mass-merchandised or manufactured and he never skips on quality, consistently using exquisite tailoring and fabrication. He selectively orders and stocks depending on traffic and customers' personal tastes.

Joseph Walker's normal, everyday prices, nothing reaching $150

If you notice a rip or a tear, his staff is more than happy to immediately fix it for you with a stronger stitch.

The continuous sales rack outside the shop always has the latest pieces at a reasonable price of $24 while other stores sell those exactly same tops at quadruple the price.

For any gem, you need to get off the beaten and weary mall track and dig for some real treasure.

When you do discover Joseph Walker at 8317 ½ Beverly Blvd, Los Angele, CA 90048, the clothes are so distinctive they’re fad and recession proof.

A timeless gem stocked with modish but exclusive pieces for the busy career woman on the go.

If you’re in a panache pinch chasing down quality items and service with a tight purse , you can give them a call at (323) 782-4210.

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