Thursday, October 30, 2008

Easy-Breezy Clothes for Day & Night

Sheiki Jeans Designer & Founder, Shelia Marie Dudley
As a normal, hourglass woman, Shelia Marie Dudley, was frustrated by the lack of fashionable pieces that fits her curvy physique that are easy to wear and easy to take care of in a hot climate.
She took matters into her own hands and started her own line, Sheiki Jeans. She begun with jeans since they are a wardrobe staple. Soon, other curvaceous celebrities, such as Salma Hayek, Kim Kardashian, and Tyra Banks, fell for her well-tailored denim. In fact, it is Atlanta and the Southeast that are her biggest market-where real women with real bodies live.
Spurred on by her inital success in jeans, Shelia soon developed Sheiki Shirts, tops and dresses to accompany her "easy to wear, easy to care" philosophy.

Virgo Dresses
Her Sheiki Shirts are easy, breathable jersey knits basics that are great for everyday wear.
Pisces Dresses
Since Shelia wanted flexible in her clothes, her mini-dresses can be worn by themselves or be paired with her jeans as tunics.
These dresses-tunics-tops can be warmed up for Fall when accessorize with a wool or cashmere scarf, making these warm-weather basics into quick and accessible Fall pieces.
Since the silhouette, the construction, and the fabric are adaptable year-around, her line can be a great wardrobe investment for any girl-about-town like Tyra and Kim.

Ms. Dudley debut her more upscale, evening wear line during this recent Los Angeles Fashion Week, Sheiki Collections.
She's translating her "easy to wear, easy to care" mentality for those nights out on the town.

Despite the predominance of black, leather, and sequins, the Sheiki Collections retains the goal of the ease of wearability and adjustability to a woman's body living a fast-paced life.

The usually sporty hoodie has been glammed up for night.

The tight tank top has been loosened up and draped then dipped in sequins for a night out.

This tough ensemble can broken down into for various outfits.
The leather, flared jeans can be topped off with a white sweater for an elegant look.

Speaking of sweaters, Shelia is in the process of developing a line of Sheiki Sweaters but that is still in development.

Even as Sheila Marie Dudley progresses into evening wear, she didn't forget the importance of wearability and maintenance, whether it be hot, humid days or sultry nights.

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