Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meet Best Friends Forever, Tulle & Cloth Logic

This complementary boy/girl line of when innocent nostalgia meets preppy sportswear happened when, through a friend of a friend, the girls of Tulle, Jennifer Smith and Anoushka Scott, met Leon Shpayer. Together, the trio grew added on then grew their menswear line, Cloth Logic.

Tulle Cashew Puff Sleeve Trench Coat

It started when vintage aficionado, Anoushka Scott, hooked up with graphic designer-turned-crafting fan, Jennifer Smith.

Tulle Empire Waist Top
After earning her Graphic Design degree at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Jennifer figured she was better off returning there for a fashion design degree since she always sewn clothes for her friends. She expressed her dedication to the craft by studying it for four more additional years at SCAD.

Her journey in fashion lead her to Anoushka Scott.

While working in a vintage boutique, Anoushka piques her interest in retro fashion. Her boss offering workshops in vintage clothes only fueled her drive into Los Angeles Trade Technical College, Los Angeles' top-secret but top-notch school for fashion and pattern design.

It was at LA Trade Tech (the school's nickname) that she bumped into fellow student, Leon.

Both praised the school's no-nonsense attitude towards apparel construction and paying attention to details. They said the school drills this mind set that fashion isn't a glamour game but a technical, engineering skill.

Tulle Navy Tie-Dress with Short-Sleeved Sweater Coat

Later on, when Jennifer's and Anoushka's womenswear, Tulle, took off and felt like they were ready to tackle menswear, they hunted high and low through a network of friends for a menswear designer that share their sensible yet cute, vintage aesthetics. They found Leon Shpayer. Even, Jennifer recommended him.

Humorously, Leon called fashion, "It's a teeny world."

Cloth Logic Black Barracuda Jacket

In the nineteen years he have been living here, since immigrating from St. Petersburg, Russia, Leon developed a deep appreciation for the East Coast's common sensed utilitarism and the Preppy smartness.

Cloth Logic Hooded Windbreaker

A rainy but romantic Spring trip to Boston inspired Leon's current collection of sporty windbreakers and stylish and sleek zip-up sweaters.

He watched Ivy League couples walking hand-in-hand. The flowers were beginning to bloom after the Spring shower.

A storyline or a concept sprung into his head.

He based his collection on an Ivy League, perhaps a prep school boy. Bored with Boston, he decided to take a trip to Manhattan's Lower East Side for some excitement.

The kid went vintage shopping there in those thrift stores.

He returned home, mixing his vintage military salvage with his more conservative prep school wardrobe.

Cloth Logic Granite Navy Short Trench

Leon's "Preppy Meets Military Punk" earns him a legion of male celebrity followers from "Gossip Girl"s Ed Westwick to Ryan Seacrest.

E! Executive News Editor, Ken Baker, can't help but praise Cloth Logic's classically tailored but ruggedly punk blazer that saves him from looking like a bum.

There's nothing "bummy" about Tulle's pristine womenswear or Cloth Logic's new classic Americana.

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