Monday, October 13, 2008

Rebecca Taylor, The Bohemian Preppy

by Laura Medina
Despite the economic turmoil, you can still get designer looks for less by studying the latest styling from the latest New York Fashion Week by recycling your existing clothes with a touch of the newest or a classic piece.

That way, you can stretch your closest onto the season without going broke.

Based on Rebecca Taylor's Spring 2009 offerings, it's a perfect season of a potpourri of looks.

All you need for those transitional seasons, such as Fall and Spring, are a trench coat, a blazer, a gray pantsuit, and those empire waist camisoles and tunics.

To freshen up your wardrobe, add something plummy or fruity or floral in light-weight chiffon, whether it be a tunic or a babydoll that has been going strong for the past five years.

The great thing about this collection is the flexiblity to do a multitude of looks for two different seasons by either breaking apart a pantsuit, layering, or just wearing the piece alone for a Summer look.

Since this collection has a looser Bohemian spirit, it's perfectly ok to mix the hippy with the preppy. Something borrowed from a boyfriend or brother or from mom, sprinkled with your own Springy tops

By Ms. Taylor revisiting and recycling classic wardrobe pieces, such as the trench coat, you can be fashion-forward for all seasons.
Inspired by Ms. Taylor's fruity color palette, why not mix up a refreshing beverage of one part Rose's Cocktail Infusions Watermelon Mix with one part 7Up in a pitcher for friends or for yourself.
It will make all those changes in climate and the market so much more easier.

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