Monday, October 13, 2008

Young Grace Kelly, Tracy Reese Spring 2009, the New Classics

Laura Medina
Tracy Reese built her Spring 2009 collection on a foundation of new classics. Glacial trenches and coat ensembles in icy but soft velvet. Warm enough for Fall, perhaps Winter yet light enough for a cool Spring night.

The trench coat alone, worn with a petticoat underneath makes a great elegant evening dress with a Fifties Dior-like feel.

This coat ensemble can easily be taken apart then split into two different outfits.
The trousers, paired with a black turtleneck or cashmere sweater, are a luxurious basic.

This is the little black dress for the young generations of up-and-coming socialites.
Interestingly enough, this also has a Fifties retro stylings of black lace, nipped waist, and pouf skirt.

Ms. Reese is one of the few women designers following the late Fifties and early Sixities styles from AMC's hit, "Mad Men."
This rich violet sheath dress is a good example of the Early Sixities' Jackie Kennedy look, simple chic in exquisite satin with a judical use of crytal beading. No jewelry required.

Ms. Reese pays homage to Spring in this vibrant lily green cocktail dress.

The Ice Princess returns in this ruched cocktail dress in chiffon and soft ruffles in pale, cool blue.
Ms. Reese provides the new generation with mature but new classics that will stand the test of time. That, eventually, they too, will pass onto their offsprings.
For grown-up clothes for the new generation of socialites, they need a fresh but grown-up cocktails.
Mix one part Rose's Cocktail Infusions Blue Raspberry Mix with one part Citrus Vodka. Shake with ice then strain into a martini glass to go with your icy but rich evening wardrobe.

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