Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Mindful Begins, Then There's "SoulFullness" "See Your Future in 21 Days" by I Am James.

By Laura Medina

After a deep and long interview with I Am James, his book "See Your Future in 21 Days," it's an extension of "The Secret."

This book gives more formalize steps.  While "The Secret" gets your feet wet in achieving your goals, "See Your Future in 21 Days" obviously has steps to achieve what you need and want.

I Am James delves into past lives...and homes with past lives.  He has dealt with hauntings.  In his book, he advises on how to deal with those past lives that never leave those dwellings, as in "Holy Word for Spiritual Protection."

James mentions that the world now, is starting on mindfulness after starting on the body, but the next step is "soulFullness," using spiritfulness.

The body is easy because it's the first step.  But, during the Corvid-19 times, everyone is focused on mindfulness.  According to James, the next and final step is "soulFullness."

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